Wednesday , October 20 2021

Topuzakov: CSKA is better in terms of playing style, everything is under stress and adrenaline in derby


Former Levski player Elin Topuzakov commented on the upcoming derby with CSKA and gave his prediction for the match.

“They had statistics that I had 40 games against CSKA. I don’t remember most of them because it was a long time ago. I had both good and bad moments. This match gets all the attention of Bulgaria. Before the match. On paper, CSKA is the favorite, but only before the start, because the derby when it starts, everything happens under emotion, stress and adrenaline, ”said Topuzakov.

Stanimir Stoilov will be

Stanimir Stoilov will “park his bus” against CSKA

Expert will rely on more defensive tactics

“CSKA’s style of play and individual potential is better. I think they will be ahead in the first half and draw at the end of the match. Of course, both coaches will emphasize the virtues and tactics of football. The goal plans are confusing. “It was taken from the beginning by the coaches and the players were highly motivated needs. You don’t need to get emotional, because that sometimes makes a bad joke and leads to funny mistakes,” said the Blues advocate, speaking on Kiril Pulev’s YouTube channel.

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