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The most luxurious sex toys money can buy PICTURES

The idea of ​​making luxury sex toys costing millions of dollars has been ridiculous until recently.

But this sector, like everyone else, is also in development.

Nowadays, subsidizing sexual fantasies with luxury aid is no longer as ridiculous as it was years ago, Forbes.

Australian jeweler Colin Burns thought about it 20 years ago when she created the world's most expensive vibrator.

The toy, named Pearl Royale, is made of pure platinum, 70 carat white diamond, rare pink diamond, blue sapphire and pearls.

The cost of this product is $ 1.8 million and everyone can see it at the ACCA Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Photo: Fornicari

Byrne's desire to create truly luxury products in an industry where he historically thought he did not need such a product stems from his passion to prove that it is really possible.

In an interview, she recalls that sex toys are not as cheap as people use in their intimate lives, but because they want to have their products.

At a dinner in 2003, a conversation made her think of creating a sex toy that consumers wanted.

Therefore, he conducted a market research stating that there were no luxury products.

Var I have a challenge. I wanted to find a really luxurious product for people to use in the bedroom. For people who appreciate good things, they had to have innovative, expensive, real gold, real precious stones on them. ”

Although it is not particularly difficult to find insanlar people who value beautiful things, zor the difficult part persuades them to spend a fortune on a highly unrecognized industrial product even today.

That is why Bethany Vernon, an American jeweler working in Paris, calls her products “erotic jewelry”.

Seven Pearl Gold Massage Rings are $ 1,900, silver with pearls, gold with pearls or silver with gold pearls.


For any consumer who cannot distinguish this ring from their traditional counterpart, the product description can help: malı To experience the world, it must be worn on the middle finger of your active hand, which is turned with pearls. An adventure love game. "

Australian jeweler Colin Byrne was inspired by the pearl royal vibrator and the jewel crowns in the world.

Inspired by monarchical ornaments, it is not limited to Bern's property.

The British brand Fornicouture founded by the artist AHH is also trying to enter the sector.

The $ 1,200 Fuji product is a curved, translucent yellow dildo on one end and an 18-page whip on the other. The description indicates that the product is knitted by the master of the Queen of England.


Fertility producer is not listed, but the possible candidate is Swaine Adeney Brigg. The 250-year-old company is no longer interested in these products, but has been certified to produce gloves and riding gloves since 1750.

Sometimes it's easy to have an old design and recreate the product with 24 carat gold. The Lelo vibrator, named INEZ, represents a standard model that really works in the same way as its silicone counterparts.

What sets it apart from the rest of the industry is its fantastic price of $ 12,800.

Photo: Lelo

Famous ads always help – something Lelo knows well, the vibrator actress Gwyneth Paltrow, appeared on in the category "Sex toys that aren't too simple".

Time Out writes about the expensive vibrator, "Your curious neighbors offer 3-day discrete deliveries because they'll never know you're buying a device that's more expensive than a new Hyundai Accent."

However, some users are satisfied with the product. "If you can afford it, using gold is worth every penny," one site reviews. "What could be more luxurious than a golden dildo?"

In both cases, the luxury sex toy market is booming these days.

If you think a good candlelight dinner needs gold and diamonds, the adult industry definitely has something to offer.

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