Thursday , May 19 2022

The cost of the battlefield has reached its lowest level in a year ::


Bitka & # 39; s price has reached its lowest level in a year

Photo: Reuters

The market's largest crypto-float price reached its lowest level in a year on Monday.

The war reported a decrease of $ 4951.47, bringing price depreciation of the past seven days to more than 21%. This is also 62% decline since the beginning of the year, according to CoinDesk.

The digital currency, which was before the Bulgarian clock at 10 am, still fell to $ 5039.16, the lowest level for at least 13 months. This is a decrease of 9%.

According to CNBC, the decline in cryptoLight was accelerated after the end of April's volatility after the April volatility. In October most of the digital currency is traded around $ 6400.

The strong increase in the field of war began in late October and early November. The price for the first time crossed the $ 10,000 limit at the end of November and was worth almost $ 20,000 before Christmas, mainly due to retail investors.

Other main crypto-lutets are mostly red this week, which is even worse than the battlefield for the year. The second digital currency on the market, the slit, more than 2% on Monday, the ether fell more than 21%.

Last week, the market value of all cryptic loans, which was $ 172 billion on Monday, was deleted at approximately $ 40 billion.

According to some, one of the reasons for the depreciation of battleships was that BitTorrent VITCOIN was divided into two separate versions last week. Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV.

At the same time, the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced their first sanctions against the disability in connection with the broader regulatory action against fraud and fraud in the digital money industry last week.

Last week, Benoîe Kyore, a member of the European Central Bank (ECB) Board of Directors, said the war is a mixture of "balloon, Ponzi scheme and an ecological disaster".

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