Thursday , September 29 2022

Tesla announces who will be the new president ::


Tesla announces who will be the new president

Photo: Reuters

Electric car maker Tesla has announced that he will now replace Ilon Musk as president of the company, reports Robin Denholm, Chief Financial Officer of Telstra, according to Reuters.

Tesla said that after completing his six-month notice, Denholm will leave his post as Chief Representative and Telstra Strategic Director.

Tesla said he would work as the full-time president of Denholm.

The company will temporarily take over the presidency of the Tesla Audit Commission while leaving the Telstra.

After Tesla released Mousk tweets, it was several months later, saying that she had "the necessary funding" to make the company special again. Mssk and Tesla had an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in September after filing a lawsuit for fake information from the agency.

Tesla and Musk had to pay 20 million dollars in the deal.

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