Thursday , June 24 2021

Suzanita's out of the blue! Cheap cloths just to look like … NILO – BLISTER

Suzanita usually looks at the inscriptions of Nicoleta Lozanova in Insagram and gets ideas. After trying to take on the same lips as the brunette, Juliana Ganye's old duchess plump, a baby and scandal singer, is also inspired.

1 day ago Ni Lo has published a photo in a luxury boutique where he chooses a short piece of a famous designer and puts his chest at it 17 hours ago. Outside, but hidden beads under the white shirt – the cheapest, writes Hot Arena.

Although not at the right age, at first glance, Susie Murad takes photos of her underwear, otherwise her splendor falls off very quickly. The blonde is quite inefficient from the bachelor and is now based on stage scandals and duet songs.

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