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Rousse appeared in a caravan against dirty air, Pernik supported them with a concert


Another protest against air pollution took place in Rousse and supported the initiative with a concert in Pernik.

In Rousse, the protester wagon, which was reported as a demand for fresh air, started 11 hours after the center and passed through some boulevards in the direction of the Danube Bridge border crossing. There, about 150 vehicles blocked from all directions – Silistra and the interior of the country, the police reported that this city had to ask for the end of the protest.

A dramatic political performance will take place within the scope of the European Balcony Project on November 10 at 16:00 at the State Opera – Rousse. Organ …

The protesters were told by law enforcement agencies that hundreds of trucks and cars had to move their cars, which were blocked at the Danube Bridge crossing.
People wearing masks on their faces, posters with inscriptions "Hello there!" And "Dirty Weather Kills Us" and Their anger was also directed to some powerful companies that were the most important pollutants in the environment.

After leaving the border, the protesters headed to the East Industrial Zone, where the Montjupe automotive factory was one of the main air pollutants in Rousse. After none of the company came to talk to the public, they returned to the center and expressed their demands in front of the town hall.
As a matter of fact, the Russians are already describing the Montype aroma as this special sweet fragrance, which is actually the factory's production hall. Years ago, when it was chlorinated gases, it was known that chlorine was from Giurgiu, but now this particular odor saturated with ethanol and other hydrocarbons is actually poisoning children.
According to the organizers, if the authorities do not pay attention to the environmental situation in Rousse, such protests will not come.

On 8 November, in a meeting room of the Municipality of Rousse, a meeting gathered by Mayor Plamen Stoilov, a staff for the implementation of the municipality …

"There are some smells in the city of Rousse – whether from Montevideo or from Lubrica, whether from TPP – they are very pollutants, they are doing things right, they are our conditions, they don't smell, we just want to be pure. "one of the protesters.
Perniks also launched a cleaner air vent with a concert called "Breathe Pernik".
The organizer of the event is the initiative of citizens "Breathe Pernik", and, according to the initiators, on the occasion, Four investment proposals for poor air quality and waste incineration in the city.
The location of future installations is a triangle of Ivylo Velinov, who is Pernik.
The organizers urged the public to be more active in demanding fresh air.

According to BTV, the Civil Movement held a national protest in front of the Council of Ministers "Together".
Protesters blocked …

Currently, particulate air pollution is five times higher than the WHO standard, The Health Association is a chest diseases specialist, said Dr. Alexander Simidchiev.
The Pernik Initiative was supported by eco-organizations, including Greenpeace Bulgaria, and the reason why rock bands from Pernik and Sofia free donations from the Pernik dancers and talented children. The film "Land Dungeon" was shown.
During the concert, Valentin Peshev, the spokesperson of the citizens' initiative ”Gathering a protest against the heating company,, handed out 40 discs with“ Give it up is.
Galya Gerginova, the initiator of the event, began to fight against fresh air with today's concert. He denied the symbolism that was held at one of the most important dates of 10 November Bulgaria.
Today, many cities in the country have organized protests against low incomes, rising fuel prices and a high cost of living in general.

Yesterday (November 9) and last Friday, Kazanlak rose against Republican cars.
The reason was heavy cat …

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