Tuesday , September 28 2021

Quit, mutter! Take your clumsy screenwriters and wash them in Uchindol!


Teodor Ushev, who has been voted the world’s most influential animator for the last 25 years, on Facebook, for his views on the political situation in Bulgaria and Slavi Trifonov’s “There is such a people” and the possibility of forming a government.

In 1997, the Canadian consul asked me, “Why do you want to immigrate to Canada when you have such a successful career in Bulgaria?” when he asked. I said, “I am not an economic immigrant. I avoid rudeness, simplicity and arrogance.” One of the reasons I wanted to leave was because of the presence of a prominent, tall “aristocrat of taste.”

Chalga and muren behavior was at its peak.

For 30 years, rudeness, simplicity and arrogance have “educated” the Bulgarian people on the most watched television twice a day.

The result of this “education” is there. We got his harvest today.

For 30 years, many people have been ringing the bell against ether simplification and intonation medium. Still, hundreds of celebrity nominees raced to sit on their couch, and every night, to the sounds of a bar band and half-naked dancers, he clumsily played his arrogant demeanor and his fat jokes.

I don’t care which team this government will support. But if I’m elected, I’ll be the first to shout, “Resign you bastard! Take your incompetent screenwriters and musicians and bathe in ballet at the Uchindol roadside restaurant where you belong.”

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