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Poor Liverpool is on the verge of leaving the Champions League after losing to PSG + VIDEO

Last season, the finalist Liverpool, after losing a 1: 2 visit to the PSG in the most recent C tournament, will finally tremble in the final in the Champions League.

The French rich won a great despair in Park de Près, which was as close as possible to the elimination stage. While the goals of the hosts were Juan Bernat (13) and Neimar (37), James Milner was a penalty kick at the end of the first half. The only real shot for Merseyside for 90 minutes.

In the other match in the group Naples Napoli defeat the Red Star – 3: 1. Italian PSG 9 points, PSG 8 points, 6 points Liverpool and 4 points left Serbs. Therefore, the confrontation between the English team and Carlo Ancelotti's team at Anfield seems to be a direct battle to the top. In order to go to the 1/8 finals of the guests you need a score or loss with a goal difference. San Paolo won Naples 1: 0 and had a much better goal difference than Liverpool: 7: 4. 8: 7.

Although Thomas Tuhl betting Atomon Cavani, Neimar and Kilian Mabé with an atomic trio, the last two did not pay 100% compensation. However, the importance of the collision caused the Germans to risk taking them into play. Gianluigi Buffon stopped at the door, Tilo Keerer moving on the right.

Jurgen Klop interviewed Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane. In the midfield, experienced James Milner, George Henderson and Georgin Vainillum played.

PSG started the match perfectly and in the first few minutes Alison Becker, Angel di Maria and Tiago Silva made a few strikes. There wasn't much to save guests at 13 minutes. When Kilian Mbape was shot, Virgil van Dike stood in front of the ball. He then came to the pitch without any delay to defender Juan Bernat and 1: 0 did not allow Brazil to wait!

Liverpool replied with the big star Mohammed Salah. An Egyptian citizen tries to surprise the legend of Gianluigi Buffon from the difficult position, but fails to see it. English was gradually equal to the game, but after half an hour the PSG quickly appointed a counterattack. Neimar ended with a weak attempt to transfer Alison.

37 minutes, the French team doubled their leader. Mabape and Neimar performed perfectly on the left-wing, then the French with an outer skirt found Unason Cavani. He threw it, Alison was eliminated, but in its annex, the most expensive player in history made a mistake and climbed to 2: 0!

At the end of the half-hour, Di Maria fell into the box of Sadio Mane. After some hesitation, the referee Shimon Marcinjak from Poland gave the penalty. James Milner stood behind the ball, passed Buffon with a blow to the right of the door and gave Liverpool back in the game – 1: 2!

Shortly after the game was renewed, Markinyos scored a third goal for the PSG, but left for an ambush. Later, when the French counted at the counters, there were a lot of interesting places because the guests were a light bullet in their quest for leveling. In the 70th minute Marguinos left behind Deyan Lovren after a corner, but Alison was murdered.

Juergen Klop had to make off Djardan Shakuri replaced Milner. However, this did not result and PSG won the match 2: 1.

PSG – Liverpool 2: 1

Top goal scorers: 1: 0 Bernat (13), 2: 0 Neimar (37), 2: 1 Milner (45-e)

PSG: Buffon, Bernat, Kimpembe, Silva, Keerer, Marquinho, Verati, Di Maria (65-Alves), Babe (85-Rabio), Neimar, Cavan
coach: Thomas Tuhle

Liverpool: Alison, Gomez, Lovren, Van Dijk, Robertson, Milner (77-Shakuri), Henderson, Wainludum (66-Keita), Mane, Salah, Firmino
manager: Jurgen Klop

Paris"Park de Prince"
Judge: Shimon Marcinjak (Poland)
Yellow cards: Verati, Neimar (PSG); Wainlundum, Gomez, Sturridge, Van Dijk, Robertson, Keith (Liverpool)

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