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Politics | In the absence of Borisov, Simeonov and Ataka, Parliament replaced the Deputy Prime Minister with the Cabinet Chairperson.

Mariana Nikolova listened to the discussion in the public hall.

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Mariana Nikolova listened to the discussion in the public hall.

Parliament appointed Valeriy Simeonov as Prime Minister of Economy and Demographic Policies in the third government of Boyko Borisov and elected successor to the former Council of Ministers Chairman Mariana Nikolova. 116 deputies voted, 62 votes.

89 MPs from the GERB, 19 ”United patriots“, 6 vekil Voila den and two of them were independent. BSP and MRF for Bulgaria against 17 deputies. According to the Socialists, the deputies from Ataka were not in the hall. As the MRF says, the vote is one, not separate.

Borisov 3 Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Valery Simeonov 's absence and after the procedural understanding of the Assembly Presidency meeting and the reorganization of the general assembly meeting between GERB and BSP was approved. The debate ended because he was not willing to speak first, but was renewed at the request of the BSP. The disputes continued for 4 hours and passed through such issues as oligarchs in Bulgaria and early parliamentary elections, but there was no discussion of a new deputy prime minister's candidacy. The MRF said that Simeonov had wanted to resign and to oppose the "election" of the new victory. And the movement has promised more than what the MPs have done so far.

Valeriy Simeonov resigned after protests following such a request, as the mothers of children with disabilities had "laughing women" for about a month and their children said they were "possibly sick". On Tuesday, the leaders of the United Patriots Krasimir Karakachanov, Valery Simeonov and Volen Siderov met with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in the cabinet of the Council of Ministers and spoke to the deputy prime minister cabinet for several hours. After that, however, no explanation was made about the media and it was not announced whether there was a consensus about who Simeonov's successor would be. Mariana Nikolova's proposal was presented by Boyko Borisov on Tuesday's parliamentary program.

Where's the prime minister?

During the discussions, the BSP repeatedly appealed to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov to call the General Assembly. A Presidential Council meeting of the Parliament was held. GERB Tsvetan Tsvetanov Vice President, told reporters that a meeting of the Council of Ministers is currently held.

Deputy Prime Ministers Krasimir Karakachanov and Tomislav Donchev and their cabinet ministers entered the parliament in the morning and left. Only Karakachanov left the room before being nominated for a deputy prime minister, Mariana Nikolova. He sat in the last place in the General Assembly and heed the discussions. The attack leader, Volen Siderov, was in the parliament, but not in the plenary session, but also in the presidential council. Tsvetan Tsvetanov said that Mariana Nikolova has not signed a proposal to become deputy prime minister.

Who created the oligarchs

BSP leader Kornelia Ninova said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov did not respect the parliament's misunderstanding and the parliament that parliamentary elections should be held at an early stage. According to him, the evidence that the government is working against the interests of citizens is legal amendments that simplify the obligations of an oligarch (with a special law in summer, the government became a scandal simplifying Kiril Domuschiev's 58 million leva). He talks of higher taxes on old vehicles, "judging three people of the people" about "parallel people, protests, poverty, etc.".

In response to the oligarchs, GERB deputy Vezhdi Rashidov said he criticized Nineveh for dealing with populism, not facts. He asked where the man of Ninova was working. On Tuesday, the BSP leader confirmed to journalists that her husband worked in Lukoil, but was not in a leadership position or part of an fuel prices based department. Mi Isn't Nikolay Banev yours? ”Vetko Arabadzhiev is not yours? Ord Who created them, when did they create them? Ne Rashidov asked. Both GERB and the United States Patriots announced that the cabinet would not resign.

When will there be a policy speech?

MRF also criticized the absence of Borissov, but asked for a talk about future governance. MRF MP Ramadan Atalay, "resignation was postponed, how to get rid of the creatures – protests, the prime minister does not come to parliament and does not take responsibility," he said. He explained that it was time for the election speech and it was not explained why the chairman of his cabinet came after Valery Simeonov's departure.

Ramazan Atalay, "Simeonov 's resignation do not change anything, you do not have the attitude, the policy you will receive in the National Assembly, or a national or nationalists in the interest of the decision to expect a reasonable decision." Said.

Voice leader Vesselin Mareshki called for talks about cheaper drugs and fuel crushing the car backbone. "No one has any benefit from replacing Valeri Simeonov with the chairman of the cabinet," he said, without the development of Bulgarian citizens' lifestyles.

When parties are intimate

GERB deputy chairman Tsvetan Tsvetanov accused the BSP of populism and said Valeriy Simeonov has withdrawn from office due to the public interest and the desire to reduce public tension. When Tsvetanov asked him, "When you were sincere, the BSP," Ivo reminded that Hristov called the 80% of the people "the debtor" and that he had no consequences for his actions. He cited Elena Yoncheva's accusation of cashing out the CCB. He also said that the privatization agreements and the official government of Roumen Radev were undecided and that decisions were made solely and that now parliamentaryism is strong. "Krassimir Karakachanov has the full support of the Bulgarian Parliament for the modernization of the army," said GERB Vice President in his 20-minute speech. After the end of the discussions, Karakachanov announced the success of the Cabinet and promised to ensure that his minimum pension would be 300 leva at the end of his term of office. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the BSP resolves internal party problems by shaking the state.

Tsvetan Tsvetanov said, "We will not hide from you as we have differences with patriots, but we have a four-year government program and we have never retreated from our words." Said. Afterwards, Borisov announced that the governments have given more money to BSP than disabled people and retirees. At the same time, he talked about the differences in the ruling party and the farklılık Will ül proving that the interests of the country are more important than themselves.

After that, Vezhdi Rashidov announced that he would repeat the party leader GERB. He then said that Tsvetanov did not tell where the money went to people who had gone to the depository bankruptcy in the bankrupt CCB, like him. Rashidov said that "the name of Tsvetan Vasilev did not come to answer his bank and will not come to answer it".

Who gives Bulgarian citizenship?

Cornelia Ninova also asked Tsvetan Tsvetanov to investigate the launch of an investigation into foreigners' investigation of Bulgarian passports with Europol & # 39; asked what to do as a member of the flour. "When there is a political will, the attacks are the most," Tsvetanov said. He then asked if Nineveh had asked for the resignation of Iliana Yotova, who had signed the Bulgarian Decree on citizenship as vice president. In the end, he told Nineveh that he did not, because Yotova would rival the leadership position.

Quoting a Bulgarian citizen's scandal, said Ninova, "to put a point on Bulgaria, because the most valuable – Bulgarian identity has been sold. Tsvetanov said the constitution was given by the presidency.

Deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov told the BSP: "Within three days Nineveh tried to assert that I sold Bulgarian citizenship. Politics, but not with its values." If they prove that they are involved in corruption for citizenship, they will fulfill their promise.

What will MRF do?

Yordan Tsonev, deputy of the parliament, said the debate shows that the crisis has not passed and the government has no vision. Ol Where does the country go, do you trust the public? ”The most natural thing – the same large amounts of the same, we will fight against this government model“. Tsonev more.

According to the DPS, there is no government that the governors want and will never end what has happened in the last 10 years. "Does anyone have the right to raise your hand and confirm that the country is stable? There is no full mission for 10 years, this doesn't mean we have to change something, we need to prove to Bulgarian citizens." What are they reading? "Tsonev explained," he said. "Some things must be removed" and announced the election of the most democratic instrument to rebuild the system.

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