Thursday , August 11 2022

Pirin Razlog – Hebar – Volleyball – BG Volleyball


Hebra Pazardzhik's mentor Atanas Petrov explained the success of Pirin Razlog in a match of the team's 4th volleyball championship.

"This was an interesting game, we made a lot of mistakes, tense, the important thing is that after a bad game we made and won the victory," he said.

"Chalakov went well, Bajrev also had unique features in Spas Bajrev, in an environment where there was psychological stability, you can play a better way in every match." We come from a big hall, this is difficult to play, we have difficulty in the day.As we have done so far, we did not get much of the attack.It was able to calm down with him, we got the fourth game and the match. We're hosting, playing against the championship, we're playing But the goal is to be better every year next year, this year we'll be better after CSKA's match with Dobrudja, we'll understand whether we can fight for the final. ev

Hebrew volleyball player Ventsi Ragin, the home team in the 4th round match Pirin Razlog 3-1 match with the team's comments on the victory.

”At first glance it might have been easy, but Razlog was playing very tightly, we knew. Leri The hosts gave a lot of service, a little bit down, but we won something and won.“

"Pirin Razlog played pretty well, made us harder, the most important goal was that the hosts were aggressive, there was more work to be done, it was our most heavy game today, it was a champion in Qatar for the first year in two years. Second, in Bulgaria I was not a champion, I have goals, the Neftohimik duel will be like the final, bir he added.

Pirin Razlog's Miroslav Zhivkov gets his sore defeat from Hebar, who scored with 1: 3.

"I want to congratulate the volleyball players of both teams, volleyball dignities, a real derby, a good game, congratulations for our contestants, we got easy points, we have to develop the meeting as a team. We managed to be different, we should draw conclusions after this game.

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