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Painted: Slaviša leaves, Murray returns

Basically, there is usually no logic in football, but sometimes things are inevitable, which makes sense. A word in Levski reads as follows: Slavisa Stojanovic, the deputy did as it was known. Not much news. Levski's next manager is Stanimir Stoilov. And this is the only answer to the logical task.

But let's start at a distance. Slavisa Stojanovic found himself in Levski, for Levski left Vaduz and there was no way Delio Rossi could stay on duty. The situation got out of control, the B ultras Sector went to B & B, broke the seats and needed a little more to enter the field. Even their supporters were bored with the boring and sad but disciplined football of Delio Rossi.

Levsky returns to Stanimir Stoilov again

Murray Stoilov replay option for Levski!

Slavyša Stojanovic gradually begins to lose the trust of leadership

Stanski Stoilov will come to Levski because Levski has left the Cup and is seriously behind in the first place, and it is unclear how Slavis Stojanovic can defend his job. There is no ultraviolet to break the seats, but the numbers on the stands are now reduced.

And we're talking about a man who says he's not only a coach, but the whole club will change the taste, we're talking about Stanimir Stoilov. Many times in recent years Levsky said that it is not true. They ask where they are, where they ask themselves, they're bluffing about the size of the salary with close to 70,000 relationships, but flirting is never over. Batkov, Borimirov, Yovov, Ivo Tonev, Spas Russev, who did not offer Stoilov.

At this point it would be a great success if Slavisa Stojanovic brought more than a thousand people to Gerena in the next house with Danube on Saturday. He was the man who had played three consecutive games in Sofia one after the other, and on Sunday he was the one who greatly reduced participation less than 3,000 against Botev Vratsa. The reason is the net – recently sad, boring, extremely unobtrusive and insensitive football. And of course a series of bad results.

That's how Stojanovic's cards moved him. Surely he did not yet notice, but a bitch was following him. Serbian has intolerance against green color. Apart from his first match against Botev Vratsa in Montana, Slavisha won only three points with Beroe, which he won from all Levski opponents with the goals of both teams, and then with green teams. The same result fell from the Black Sea. They lost 1: 2 in Ludogorets and now 1: 3 in Vratsa. And not to be thrown, but if he doesn't play in his last match of that year – he'll write again, against Beroe, – Stojanovic will take the penalty.

However, we are ahead of events and rely on logic. In November, Levsky doesn't need a mentor who left the Cup in the game with a bunch of lebanese coaches in November. heartland. Yes, we listened to the other coaches of Levski, who were mixed up and could not interfere.

Rusev rejects Stanimir Stoilov's post in Levski

Murray appointment for Rusev Hot Springs: Another fake news!

"Slaviša Stojanovic's future is not a matter of debate"

We all saw this on Sunday. There was the smell of football before the game started with "Gerena" around Botev Vratza. 7,000 people were expected to stand in the stands. These 7000 people would not be at a symbolic price in Gerena on Sunday. At the beginning of the season, as Levski played well and won, he took part in 7000 tribunes and a one-legged and twenty-five-person ticket. Anyway, the audience got a dozen. As it was said – Slavishta brought them, Slav dismissed them. And now on Saturday, if the entrance to the Danube is still a lion, the ceiling of the audience will be 1500 people. Football is boring and no results, empty stands. Bulgarian football culture.

Stoyanovich turned his car. The team attacked lightly, but there was a defensive collision. When Levsky loses the ball, the lines are hopelessly distant. Transfusion is tragic. Blues team is totally unscientific to defend. And every tactic reads, learns and regularly competes these things and takes advantage of it. And the wagon, versus Botev Vratsa, was a total damage. The coach of blue, as if it was his life, not his work in Levski, coordinated the game. The shifts were the same as the next day, it would not be late, and the world would end. Second striker, third striker and nothing and nothing. New error after error and error after error. Things with the emblem are confusing Serbian. His team had no backup, at least Obertrans had moved to the other channel or somewhere in the middle. Something to try to show that there are trained variants and matches. And the backup perpetrators have not scored a goal since the beginning of the season and scored a goal.

We can now point out that Slavashha not only does an internal revolution, but also a number of miracles to achieve a chance for a second attempt. But as we have already mentioned, wonders in futures are very rare, in most cases there is logic. And based on this logic, it turned out that he started squeezing Stojanovic's luggage and bored Stanski Stoilov as coach of Levski. The question is when, how, under what conditions and under what conditions. Levsky's appointment as the new CEO, Pavel Kolev, should be seen as a messenger to the coaching club. The problem seems to be technical – Murray centralized how and when to collect the collector in Kazakhstan and how to fight for Gerena, the school, tracker system, medical and entertainment, for full sport and technical rights … But we can be sure – When Stoilov returns, the new rules will be seriously assured and Levski will start to look like a serious club and will develop according to the rules.

In an official position for Stanimir Stoilov and Levski in Kazakhstan

Has an official position for Murray Stoilov and Levski in Kazakhstan

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