Wednesday , December 2 2020

Oscar winner with clip for the new Lexus ES (video)

Lexus, a Japanese brand known for its leadership in technological innovation, is launching new opportunities in filmmaking with the launch of "Intuitive Guided" – an ad clip specifically written by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The film was shot by bel The Last King of Scotland Bir, the Whitney biography for Whitney Houston and Kevin McDonald, the Oscar- winning documentary ney One Day in September Fil.

The world's first collaboration between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a known Tacum Master aims to test the limits of how people and machines work in perfect harmony by discovering the importance of intuition to show the distinctive features between the two countries. New business sedan Lexus ES. The result is an impressive short drama: the one-minute film that tells the story of Lexus Tacum Master completes all the work he does on the car and releases the new Lexus ES and is threatened with destruction. In critical time, the emergency stop system intervenes to maintain the state of the effectiveness of the intuitive technology placed in the vehicle.

The innovative and creative approach to the project is consistent with the quality of the new ES tool that is constantly on the lookout for the driver's intentions and immediate response to constantly changing road and traffic conditions. This is seen as a key to the flexibility, stability and power of the new GA-K (Global Architecture – K) platform, as well as the clever operation of the Lexus Safety System + features. In order to prevent accidents or reduce the impact of a stroke, it can identify hazards and automatically initiate braking, return to the driver and send signals.

Lexus The & Partnership London works with Visual Voice to create an Artificial Intelligence script using IBM Watson to analyze a range of external audio, text and visual data and draw conclusions about what makes the content worth rewarding. and for which artificial intelligence can contribute to creating a series of writings that can be emotionally intelligent and entertaining to the audience.

To create an original story, AI has been AI trained ions with luxury and major automotive ads over the past 15 years, winning the prestigious international Cannes Lions Awards. The AI ​​is also "loaded" with emotional intelligence data through the Unruly video platform, and the most influencing viewers are "to learn" and to understand how actions, objects, locations and emotions are used for different combinations and sequences convey the desired messages.

When a lot of information about old ads is used, it is important to avoid the risk of developing something that is familiar or that has a very broad expression style. For this reason, in addition to the project guide, additional Lexus data has been added to protect the original scenario and brand tone.

McDonald draws the attention of the concept and acknowledges the necessity of a non-traditional approach to the film: The fact that artificial intelligence (AI) gives a "friendly machine" sensitivity puts him in a state of war, and then escape to sunset is an emotional response of the digital platform. The fascinating and simple way of writing history was both impressive in the interpretation of human emotions and did not expect enough to give an inhumane effect to the film. "

Alex Nouland, co-founder of Visual Voice, said: di The project was both challenging and deeply impressive, and I'm glad to have the privilege of being a part of it. From the beginning, it was almost impossible to know which quality level or intelligibility could be created by AI (AI). It is very satisfying and exciting to see that the project has reached such a rich end. We believe that this project brings the content of artificial intelligence to the beginning of real, independent creative values. "

In order to focus more accurately on the fazla intuitive ile aspect of the story, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was further sez trained doğru by intelligence from an attempt by MindX in the Applied Science Unit in the New Southwest University in Australia. The study explores the reasons that make the person intuitive and how people with high intuitions react to car ads.

The result is a rich scenario of a real human emotion, which cannot be distinguished from what is written by man and adds some unexpected details. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) gives car character consciousness and surprising emotional depth while treating human behavior; for example, the habit of observing disaster events from a safe distance with a healthy cynicism.

Creative Partner Dave Bedwood at The & Partnership, said: Bugün I thought I was going to write an AI ad. Instead I took Artificial Intelligence and wrote the entire script – a machine that tells the story of a live machine. The product is good in its own way. ürün

Vincent Tagell, senior communications and brand manager at Lexus Europe, said: "Lexus likes to go beyond technology and design boundaries, so we wanted to do something completely different in the world by doing something completely different – and this is the new Lexus ES. We wanted both intuitive and innovative, and the advertisement to reflect this, and the resulting film exceeded our expectations from the creativity of AI (creativity) to creativity.

Reese Medway, UK Media and Entertainment Specialist at IBM Watson, said: eri We congratulated Lexus, the Visual Audio and Partnership, the first person to test the Watson AI power and analytics data as a springboard for a creative process. Storytelling Magic is always an example of how man and machine will be partners in the Artificial Intelligence era, using Watson to gain a life in the human creative process and define the common features of a creative award-winning work. ). It was a privilege to be a part of this process. "

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