Friday , August 12 2022

Old electromobile in BG: Is there such an animal? – Automotive news


The hysterics of Tesla branded electric cars are very few in our country. These cars are expensive and do not have an official representation of the brand in Bulgaria, so their services are not an easy task. However, there is another electric car in Bulgaria, the first two generations sold in secondary markets.

That's Nissan Leaf. This is the first mass electric motor of the new age. Leaf is particularly popular in Norway, where electric vehicles are exempt from large taxes on gasoline and diesel cars. This machine won the 2011 Car of the Year award both in Europe and in the world edition of competition.

The power of the leaf is 110 hp. It works with a battery of 24 kWh with a total of 192 cells. The first Leaf is a significant purchase option since it is designed to maintain 70-80% of its capacity after 10 years. Numerous Nissan offices in the country serve the model seamlessly.

From this perspective, buying leaves is more meaningful. The Nissan Leaf has a relatively low 117 km autonomy, but this is enough for daily city trips, and the fastest power stations already have enough in our big cities. In our country you can see, which are selling samples of old Nissan Leaf HERE.

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