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Kunchev: We are clearly in the worst phase of the fourth wave – Health – Bulgaria – NOVA News


“Obviously we are in the worst phase of the fourth wave. If we don’t increase the percentage vaccinated, we will have many other problems, not just going to restaurants. We will have problems with the tourist season and the organization of any event. State Health Inspector Associate Angel Kunchev, in his “Awakening” broadcast, going more and more often He said we would be treated as an undesirable country.

About the state of hospitals

“Whenever we witness an extraordinary illness, their situation is alarming. Our main goal is that no one is left without the necessary medical care. So far this has not happened and I do not believe it will happen. We monitor the workload of hospitals, it was between 70% and 90% last week. This is still means there is some reserve,” said Kunchev.

More than 90% of new infections and deaths from COVID-19 were unvaccinated

He stressed that the number of new cases is still high – more than 2,000 cases are registered almost every day. It was also observed that hospitalized patients were detained, which is a relatively good indicator. About 5,500 stay in health institutions in the country, and about 400 stay in intensive care units.

“Depending on the stage of the area, that’s a very dynamic indicator. The 5 areas are in the deep red area, the most tense area. It’s not something we’ve encountered before. This is the fourth wave, the limiting factor remains the people, not the buildings and beds. It’s really tough with the squad.” , stressed Kunchev.

According to him, the busiest is in the capital’s hospitals, as well as in Gabrovo, Vidin, Montana, Kyustendil, Pernik.

For new measures for restaurants

“This is our common desire – people with a COVID certificate can be vaccinated in 90% of cases, have complete freedom in their previous life. To be able to participate in cultural and sporting events, go to restaurants, to the theater. This application was not invented by us, it is clear that this is the way to go. The bad thing is that in Western countries 80-90% of them are vaccinated, this is true for society as a whole. There will be a limited number of us, about 20%. Ultimately, this is the way to show how we can get out of this crisis, “explained the health inspector.

According to him, the main purpose of this measure is not to interfere with normal life and the economy. The measure is not mandatory and will apply to establishments where personnel are also fully vaccinated. And the organization should be the responsibility of the owners.

“We saw how it works, you can check the QR code very quickly with a mobile phone at the entrance. The certificate can also be carried on paper. No personal data can be accessed via the QR code. The only verification is that the owner has been vaccinated,” explained Kunchev. He stressed that inspections will be carried out intensively.

“If we don’t increase the percentage vaccinated, we will have many more problems, not just going to the restaurant. We will have problems with the tourist season and the organization of any event. More and more often, we will be treated as a country that is undesirable to go,” he added.

Kunchev expects the tests to be much more accessible, easier to use, and cheaper. The measure will be discussed with the culture and sports sector. It is expected to enter into force in early November.

for the fourth wave

“Obviously we are in the worst phase of the fourth wave. I can’t say when we will reach the peak. If we compare it to the first three waves, I think the maximum was reached relatively quickly. There is a rise in 3. There is a plateau in 4 weeks and a decline. I hope it happens in October. That will happen. We don’t know,” he stressed.

Assoc. Dr. Kunchev stressed that the numbers are high not only in Bulgaria. According to him, all of Eastern Europe is at the peak of the fourth wave.

The health inspector explained that fake certificates can be detected if they are fake. However, if both parties – a doctor and a patient – agree and the vaccine is not given, but the certificate is published and circulated in all journals, the certificate issued is practically correct, but not true that the person was vaccinated.

“We have also sent signals to the prosecutors’ offices. Many vaccination points are being checked in the Plovdiv region. I personally received several signals for Sofia Lovech. The process is not easy, but those who do this need to know that there will be penalties. My idea is to reconsider the number of laboratories working because there are too many. Your doubt If there are, we will remove the accreditation of some of them to make sure that the employees are doing their job properly,” he added.

According to him, a new curfew is not necessary at this time.



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