Tuesday , October 19 2021

Kate Middleton surprised by the price of her dress PHOTOS


Kate Middleton always provokes comments with her choice of clothing and is almost always positive. Until now, the Duchess of Cambridge has come up with dresses that are both expensive and affordable, which is why ladies especially love it, and often some models sell out almost overnight after the Duchess wears them.

She has now appeared at the University of London in a dress she wears often last year, causing many to say she has regained the nickname “the thrifty duchess”. This is a model from Zara that cost just £17 and can now only be purchased online and at a much higher price. Blitz.bg writes that the gray plaid dress is ideal for this transitional period, and that what gives it a special appeal is the tied neckline as well as the pleated bottom, which makes it better for her figure.

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