Wednesday , March 3 2021

ILLUS MUSK: Everyone can change the world if they work 80 hours a week

It is also known for its workaholism and the fact that at some point in his life he literally lived at work.

That is why Tesla's boss advises people who want to change the world. And about working twice a week.

. There are places where it is easier to work, but if it works 40 hours a week, no one will change the world, Twitter he said in a Twitter feed.

When asked by a social network user how well a person should work to achieve this goal, Muc says that 80 hours a week is needed.

This comment came after an interview with HBO Musk, after Tesla described how it was on the brink of financial collapse to boost the production of the Model 3 car.

"Money was escaping from the company and if we had not solved these problems soon, we would be lost," he said.

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