Thursday , July 29 2021

Helmut Marco sees the Mercedes conspiracy in Ocon – Formula 1 crash

The incident between Max Verstapen and Esteban Okon was the most debated issue at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix and even overshadowed the title of fifth designer Mercedes. Force India's attempt to overtake the leader of a pilot with a tour of the lap, led to a link between them. Okon received a 10-second penalty and Verstappen fell victorious and was second.

Red Bull consultant cited by Motorsport Magazine. "Mercedes-Benz, which has been promised a seat for 2020, is forcing the leader," said Helmut Marko. "Someone could tell him," Hello, this is the leader, new tires, do not attack him! This idiot only lasted 10 seconds, I waited for a much more serious penalty. "

Reissing Point Force boss Otmar Schaffnauer rejected conspiracy theories in his name. "I don't believe in conspiracies, pilots don't think where they will be in 2020. Esteban asked us about the radio," Can I overtake it because I'm faster? "And let's call him," Yeah, take action. "Shafnauer was categorically denied contact for purpose for his future career.

Okno said he has the right to fight for a position faster after the race. However, the decision of the judges said that he could not pass before Vertappen, so he was guilty because Max was not obliged to leave the room.

Hamilton also said that he would have a different approach to the Red Bull pilot.

After the race, Verstapon flew to Okon. In the end, officials called them for clarification.

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