Monday , March 1 2021

Gorski brutally beaten by a hunter – Criminally

The forest guard was boiled in Gotse Delchev. He attacked in his back. After the attack, he has a broken leg and a lot of wounds on his head.

Dafko Murvakov, who is still in the hospital, said he was beaten to a BTV by a hunter. This happened on November 23 after returning to the village of Banichan.

Mr. Murkovak took the name of Caramfil Slavchev, who was constantly boiled with his words. After about 20 hours, the injured person took a power cutter in a workshop near his home and started going home. But after a few meters, he heard the tree broken.

"I walked 1-2 meters, I turned and I saw my face bored with a wooden beam. I lifted the beam and shook it, I took the cutter to protect myself, and it saved me from the first coup. I hit him from the back, he fell down and was hit in the leg. At one point I lost consciousness, I can't remember how long, "he said.

Ve I told him I had to get up because he would kill me. He broke the breaker and then left the nearby pub with the pub very scared, gerekti he added.

In his words, the war lasted 15 minutes. Mr. Marvakov says they are waiting for an ambulance, that the police are coming and the perpetrator has left his words. According to the victim's report, the perpetrator of the tattoo walks around the village, has no driver's license, but has three cars. Markov said you were threatened.

The case was handed over to the prosecution.

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