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In the last decade, cancer patients have doubled, showing statistics.

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases and can be provoked by many factors, from hereditary predisposition to bad dietary habits.

The reason cancer is so dangerous is not yet a cure for it. The disease can be suppressed and prevented from developing, but that does not mean that it completely abandons the body and can be woken up and re-energized at any time. In addition, health professionals argue that the main reason for the high mortality rate among patients with treacherous disease is the fact that they consult a doctor when they are too late.

What are the main risk factors for the onset of the disease?

Cancer can occur due to various external or internal factors, and in particular the families are cancer. disease is transmitted by heredity. If close relatives have oncological diseases, the likelihood of getting ill increases several times. Traumas in the skin, mucosa and other tissues of the body, as well as any mechanical or chemical irritants, increase the risk of developing a tumor in this region.

Other risk factors:

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smoking. Lung cancer increases the risk of lung cancer, tongue and throat. Seventy percent of women with lung cancer smoke.

food. The fried products help to form carcinogens in the body. These are the same substances that cause cancer. The same can be said for smoked products and cans. Fish contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega-3. They interfere with the development of cancer. And cabbage specializes in preventing women cancers: cervical cancer of the uterus and mammary gland. The same features have turnip, beets and spinach. However, in a modern ecological environment, vegetables and fruits have the ability to accumulate heavy metals from the soil they grow. For this reason, the menu must contain brown rice, bulgur, black and especially green tea, corn and hawthorn. These products can remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt. You should also limit the use of fatty and salted foods. Studies have shown that osteoporotic and gastric cancer are more common among fat and salt lovers.

alcohol. Abuse leads to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. They suppress the immune system and help the development of cancer.

Overweight. Those who are overweight are more likely to suffer from cancer of the colon, breast, bladder, ovarian and uterus – more than or equal to 40%.

Nevertheless, there is a way to catch the disease first, and it can save your life.

There are some symptoms in cancer. Doctors explain what signals the body reports and what we can't ignore in the world. If our bodies begin to develop treacherous diseases, they can tell us early.

See who the host is 5 signs of the development of each cancer type:

1. Pain and discomfort. The initial stage is not so painful, it is a feeling of discomfort in a certain organ or part of the body.

2. Fast weight loss. The tumor forces the body to produce substances that break down metabolic processes, resulting in weight loss for several months.

3. Permanent weakness. Waste products of cancer tumor cause poisoning, malaise, anemia.

4. Increased temperature. The immune system suppressed by the tumor reacts by raising the temperature.

5. Changes in hair and skin conditions. External changes occur due to metabolic disorders.

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