Monday , July 26 2021

Expert warns of impotence after COVID-19 and calls for vaccination of diabetics – Diseases

There are half a million diabetics in Bulgaria. Analysis of patients shows that the virus is more severe in the elderly and men compared to women and diabetics. This is the endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Expressed to BNT by Anna-Maria Borisova.

“The situation in Milan was very bad – 27% of COVID patients with diabetes in the quarter,” he said.

Prof. Daskalova: Diabetes can be inherited but can be prevented

“The virus destroys insulin cells that maintain normal sugar for patients,” added Professor Borisova.

“COVID also affects impotence. Many young men brag that they will pass the virus – but they may become impotent due to COVID in the coming years,” said the endocrinologist.

Shot: BNT

Prof. “Take care of yourself. Make sure your diabetes is compensated and you are vaccinated – this way you will be cured,” Borissova told diabetics in the country.

Prof. Dr. “Diabetics do not go to their doctor because they are hesitant and afraid,” Anna-Maria Borisova said.

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