Wednesday , March 3 2021

Burgas' boiling and boiling, Tommy Chernya and arresting a dozen other thugs, continues the action of the Special Prosecutor's Office and the CCBOP! (PHOTOS) – BLISTER

There are 10 people in the region until 8:30 am depending on the drug delivery. Specialist operation between the hours of 6 am As reported by Blitz, the famous gangster Todor Atanasov, Tommy Chernya.

His home is still on the corner of Tsar Simeon I and Saedinenie streets in Burgas.

Levski is doing a call at "Simeon I of the Tsar" in a FC fan show.

Kaloyan Kaloyanov, the General Director of the Ministry of Finance, said, "Action is carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Organized Crime Department under the Special Prosecutor's Office." Said.

Verification found that the fan club was officially up to one year ago. And from there he was brought to the drug group. The entrances and exits of the city are still being controlled.

65 of Tsar Simeon's I was also arrested


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