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Bulgaria | Today, private museums can legalize collections and MPs from the GERB offer


Today, private museums can legalize collections and MPs from the GERB offer

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Private collectors were invited to introduce a serious relief to the government. In addition to the state and regional museums, the determination of cultural values ​​and the issuance of appropriate legal documents can be made by private museums. The new order is valid for both new items and collections, and is valid for more than eight years from the collection on the 90th declared by the owners until April 2010, but the documents are not moved.

This includes the amendments to the Cultural Heritage Act submitted by lawmakers from GERB, chaired by the legal commission, Danail Kirilov.

By law, collectors and owners of valuables had to file registration and registration up to April 2010. According to importers, this figure was made for 107 collections, but by the end of 2016, according to the data of the Ministry of Culture, a final action should only pay attention to 17 importers.

Once the corrections have been accepted, collection owners may request that their application be redirected to museums with yönlendiril expert potential Düzelt and that they correspond to the thematic scope of the collection.

In the meantime, the MPs from GERB also offer the opening of another gap for easy legalization of collections – museums, which are entitled to identify and export certificates, are registered not only in state and regional but also private museums. It is foreseen that the owners of new objects and collections may also be transformed into private museums that demand the identification of their antiques.

The bill does not respond and there is no text that the owner has his own private museum. Or how to avoid conflicts of interest, legalizing antiques for associates, relatives or friends.

Another text of the Law proposes the removal of provisions requiring the issuance of certificates or orders for the legalization of cultural property, if there is evidence that the objects under identification have been obtained illegally. In these cases, the law ordered the museum directors or the Minister of Culture to notify the Ministry of the Interior and the prosecutor's office.

The tenderers state that the so-called text "is dealing with assumptions rather than proven facts." And other laws had a similar meaning and could stand on it. When asked what these laws are, Danail Kirilov told Dnevnik that it depends on what kind of incident involved and the type of illegal acquisition. The Penal Code, the State Property Act or the Property Act may be used.

Importers also determine how goods exported abroad and then imported into Bulgaria can be exported in the future. According to the law, these values ​​can be legalized on the basis of the documents given when purchasing abroad. At the same time, it has not been explained how to revoke such legalized articles in Bulgaria. According to the amendments, the documents required to prove the origin issued abroad will be sufficient for the subsequent export.

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