Wednesday , November 25 2020

Black Sea – Botev (Vratsa) 2: 1

90 + 3 ′

End of the match.

Defeated Botev (Vratsa) 2: 1 in the Black Sea First League match

A difficult but sweet victory for the Black Sea at the beginning of the First League

“Sailors” defeated Botev (Vratsa) 2: 1

90 ′

Yellow card for Hasani.

87 ′

GOOOOOL FOR THE BLACK SEA !!! Georgi Bozhilov signed. After centering from a corner, the ball reached the crossbar, followed by a thrill in which Georgi Bozhilov proved to be the most skillful and scored with a powerful 2: 1 shot.

83 ′

Ivan Kolev replaced Domovchiiski.

80 ′

Transition to Botev !!! A serious mistake by Blagoy Makenjiev could result in a goal in his castle. The guard turned out unexpectedly, was overtaken by a Botev player. The ball reached Petar Atanasov, but the ball was blocked in front of the goal line.

77 ′

Yoskov replaced Jorgeninho.

74 ′

Stoev replaced Gadzhev.

73 ′

New transition to the Black Sea. Zehirov centered on the right, Jorgeninho missed the ball from which Ndongala arrived. Konzoan turned to Bozhilov, whose shot was blocked by a Botev player.

71 ′

Georgiev replaced Nenov.

70 ′

Hassani lost the ball that hit Domovchiiski. The striker survived Algeria and Dimov and struck a blow saved by Makenjiev.

69 ′

Mitov catches a long-range shot from Iliev.

68 ′

Zehirov slid to the left and found Ndongala. Congolese fired on Jorgeninho, who was slowing and unable to strike.

67 ′

Zehirov replaced Minchev.

66 ′

Black Sea was close to a complete comeback. Iliev found Ndongala, who managed to cope with Vasev and Milchev, then dealt a powerful blow and went out.

64 ′

Nenov prevented Hassani, who failed to clear the ball. The ball ended at Petar Atanasov, but Makenjiev succeeded.

60 ′

Georgi Bozhilov replaced Dani Kiki.

52 ′

Yellow card for Mikhailov.

49 ‘

A new crossing for Georgino. Vitanov found the Brazilian in the penalty area. The striker passed Botev’s defense, but passed the door.

47 ′

Switch to Georgino! Ndongala broke to the right and centered in the penalty area, with the Brazilian player sending the ball out with his head from a few yards.

45 ′

The beginning of the second part.

45 + 1 ′

The end of the first half.

45 ′

Yellow card for Minchev.

44 ′

Makenjiev catches Atanasov’s long-range shot.

43 ′

A blow from Ndongala passes over the door.

41 ′

GOOOOL FOR THE BLACK SEA !!! Minchev found Hugo Conongo and tried to find his teammate in the penalty area. Mitov kicked the ball, but at the feet of teammate Marian Ivanov, then the ball fell into Vratsa’s net.

32 ′

Julian Nenov saved himself from a player in the Black Sea and received a blow that hit the opponent’s body and passed the door.

27 ‘

Hugo Konongo shot with the head after a right cross. The ball hit a Botev player and went into the corner.

26 ′

Hristo Mitov took a shot outside Martin Minchev’s penalty area.

14 ′

Georgino turned from the left towards Conongo. The French player found Kiki at the penalty spot, but the attacker shot passed the right post.

13 ′

Botev’s goal was canceled. Petar Atanasov advanced from the left and made a parallel pass for Julian Nenov. The wing caught the ball through the door, but was ambushed.

11th ‘

Hassani’s kick from the outside of the box goes over the door.

7 ′

Yordan Apostolov’s long-range shot came out.

5 ′

GOOOOOOOL FOR BOTEV !!! Petar Atanasov’s extraordinary goal !!! The attacking player advanced with the ball and with a kick from outside the penalty area, he directed the ball towards the door. The sphere hit the right beam, then flew into the door.

one ‘

The beginning of the match.

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