Tuesday , September 28 2021

Bezos puffed up his lips with a facelift before going into space in May

American billionaire Jeff Bezos (with a hat) and his brother Mark after a space trip. PHOTO: PHOTO: Reuters

Jeff Bezos built a space elevator? The Daily Mail writes that the billionaire’s dramatically swollen lips and smooth tight cheeks sparked rumors that he had plastic surgery before being launched into space on the Amazon Blue Origin rocket.

The world’s richest man looked different – mostly arrogant – in recent photos and videos taken before and after his $5.5 billion spaceflight.

It is not known whether Bezos, 57, had plastic surgery. He didn’t say anything publicly and didn’t make an official statement from Amazon or his media relations team. However, it caught the attention of some experts.

A dermatologist from Alabama, Dr. Corey L. Hartman told The Daily Beast that Jeff Bezos’ appearance has undergone a drastic change. “It seems to me that he left before he went into the spotlight with the trip to orbit and had a very prominent filler and injection. He obviously doesn’t care.”

Hartmann posted a photo of Bezos on Instagram last week, writing: “See you, Jeff. Next time do the padding a month earlier so the swelling has time to go down. It keeps people (like me) out of your business.”

Hartmann points out that she does not want to condemn plastic surgery, especially among the stronger sex: “More men who are interested in it should do it. So it’s good that Bezos was afraid to do that.”

According to the Daily Mail’s report, the application for plastic surgery is at the bottom of the list of criticisms, which includes much more serious allegations against Bezos, such as tax evasion, breaking up unions, and amassing wealth without charity.

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