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: Amy Schumler enters a hospital for complications during pregnancy ::

Aimee Shumer, a Hollywood star, admitted to the hospital after receiving a pregnancy complication. She has published a long article on social networks, apologizing to her fans in Texas for postponing some of her comedy appearances in the state.

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I'm fine, the baby's good. But if he tells you that the second trimester is lighter, he's lying to you. I'm happy, but it's disgusting. I'm feeling really bad

Schumler said he thanked the medical team who were interested in him. In his words, the complication is associated with severe, persistent and tiring nausea.

"Diagnosis: Sexy!" We remember that the nin star talked about his severe pregnancy weeks on the stage in Las Vegas. Then she announced that she entered the second trimester and that she did not like it for the time being. She refused to comment on what would happen to her baby's gender. "The odds are 50 to 50. It's better than Vegas bets. I don't know what it is. I think it will be a baby," he joked.

Shumer, a happy news for expecting the first-born child, announced a particularly unusual in late October. Blonde blonde, a photomontage on her head in profile girlfriend and Prince Harry with her husband, Chris Fisher & # 39; s husband, located on the bodies of their pregnant wife Megan Mark. Fans following Shumer's girlfriend, Jessica Jelinek, also made a list of recommendations from a 37-year-old actress about the upcoming US election. After many instructions for voting, he wrote: "I'm pregnant – Amy Schumler." The spark between the Shumer and the boss, Chris Fisher, had flared a year ago.

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