Monday , March 8 2021

A man went to rape a Plovdiv woman, hit a parked car, and then …. – BLITZ

A young man attempted to rape a 34-year-old girl from Kurshiyaka. It was days before the attack, he wrote

The woman worked in a banquet house in the North area. In the morning before 6 am, an inadequate man entered the facility. He started out with arrogant, brutal clues to the dealer. The Bulgarian woman immediately asked her to leave but they attacked her and tried to rape her, she told her relatives in front of our reporter.

He grabbed his clothes, grabbed his hands and even touched him. She resisted and attempts to end abusive assault succeeded. The foreigner, who saw that his intentions could not be fulfilled, escaped from an unknown direction.

In addition to the police, he called his relatives. She went to the Third District to file a complaint with her uniforms and relatives. And I was surprised here! A few minutes after entering the building, she saw him offensive.

"Here he is! This is the man who attacked me," the woman of Plovdiv cried in the corridor of the Third RUP.

"She shook, it was insufficient. The police bounced and took her away. My daughter was very upset, she wasn't herself," said the mother of the wounded.

A few minutes after the assassination of the Plovdiv woman, the man continued his own series of attacks. On a neighboring street, he crashed into a car parked between the blocks. He broke the window, opened it and stretched out to sleep. A strong collision was not heard by those living in a nearby co-operative. People went out on the terraces and saw what was going on. A signal was sent to the police and uniforms found the sleeping man. They arrested him and took him to the area. There she met the victim again.

He was taken into a cell. During the waking hours, the young man didn't even know where he was. He died and didn't know what had happened. He didn't remember anything last night – neither an attack nor a crash.

He is 23 years old from Kardzhali. He was in town with his brother under the hills of a party. The same night he used a lot of alcohol in a nightclub, and he found himself in a panic in the morning.

The man was detained for 24 hours. A quick burglary was launched against him in a car. She was also sued for attempted rape.

She went to the doctor. Research has been done and forensic expertise has been prepared. The family of the victim is absolutely responsible for the responsibility of the person.

"We're worried that this man can come again. If he is free, or attacks him again? If he's done, or does he invite him to his family? He's very scared because he's afraid to get out on the street. Go to work!", He shared the relatives of the victim.

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