Wednesday , November 25 2020

A criminal drowns in Maritsa, police save him

Shortly after 11 pm last night, a signal was received from the Third District Hospital in Plovdiv that the windows of the cars were broken in an attempt to steal the river-side boulevard of the Meriç River.

Two police patrol was sent to the scene and found two men during a robbery. The men in uniform detained a 16-year-old man while breaking the side windows of a parked car, and the 26-year-old accomplice tried to escape. A race started, and to avoid his arrest, the man jumped into the Evros River to swim.

He fell into a deep part and started drowning, but the intervention of the police prevented the fatal outcome. The young man was taken out of the riverbed and detained. Kia examination of the vehicle, Carpe Volkswagen, Audi and Renault 4 were found to have broken the car’s side windows. Car batteries had dismantled terminals ready to be dismantled.

The man arrested is from the village of Stara Zagora in Galabovo and is a former acquaintance of the police. A reference in the Ministry of Interior files indicates that there are 10 criminal records for thefts. 16-year-old boy from Plovdiv, but at the moment no other criminal activities.

Forensic scientists in the district administration continue to document the crime during the pre-trial proceedings.

Christina Ivanova Blitz

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