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"You don't have a complete character", hits Evandro from Evman – 11/26/2018

Felipe Sertanejo, who said she wanted to confront the position of Evandro and confront her, called her to talk comedy Monday night (26). Sertanejo said the comedian encouraged Caique Aguiar to put it on the farm: "I don't have a full character, I'm sorry for being too heavy, but it's the truth."

The speech began when Evandro told him that he did not encourage other pedestrians to vote in the Sertanejo. The warrior decided to destroy the laundry: "I don't believe you and I believe in Caique because you judge the attitude of the people here, you're a character all day, everyone says everything about you. Every time you change your mind, you don't have a concrete idea. It's not just Caique, it comes back with the hat you're talking about again.

Santo was silent for a few seconds, but soon he returned to make sure he didn't want him to vote for Caneque: "We talked about you, he thought you'd win, but that's it." I told him to vote for him in no way. I've never been out of my mouth What I'm saying is that it would be good to go back to the farm, so that you can go back to the farmer I didn't start with, that you didn't start from me, that you expressed good and that you shine, everyone here owed you a favor, that's all. "

Felipe refused Evandro's justification and accused the pawn of interpreting everything in a distorted way: "No one owes me anything, I'm not armored. I've already gone to the farm, I'm already back to the farmer. If I go back to the farmer, do you think I should go again, not sensible, but very inconsistent. mant

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