Tuesday , June 22 2021

You can update! WhatsApp gets a new function to increase the speed of the voice

FM Update (22/04/2021)

The speed-up feature to play audio up to 2 times faster than WhatsApp has been improved over the course of several weeks, leaving users extremely anxious about what might be one of the most anticipated tools in the app. Finally, the beta feature now available for download from Play Store by (22) test users of the platform as of today.

The version that integrates the new feature is not much different from the interface released last Monday (19) and has a 1x, 1.5x or 2x increase in breeding speed. To activate it, simply tap the acceleration button corresponding to the sound you want to hear faster and select the desired speed for the voicemail to be played.

Users who don’t have a big love for WhatsApp voicemail will also get other interesting features such as faster data migration between Android and iOS. In addition to some subtle changes, it is possible for Facebook to integrate Messenger conversations with WhatsApp in the future.

Access the Play Store to access the app’s features before it’s officially available to everyone, and choose to be a “beta tester” on the WhatsApp page. Hourly, only Android users get the update Apparently for version from Google app store. There is still no prediction for the arrival of the new feature for iOS users.

Update (03/19/21) – JB

While WhatsApp continues to alert its users to new terms of service, it continues to develop a new core feature for those who do not have the patience to listen to longer sounds. The novelty came out last week and now we have more details about the functionality.

According to the WABetaInfo team, the beta version 2.21 .6.11 brought the first indications that the feature is now available among the test public. Now we know WhatsApp will allow the user to run voices at three speeds:

See below, the maximum would be 2.0x regeneration:

It will also be very simple to change the audio playback speed because only tap the label to make the app jump to the next option.

For now, WhatsApp has not yet confirmed when the news will be delivered to all users. Still, the 2.21 .6.11 version of the messenger is already being distributed among the beta audience on Android.

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Original text (03/12/21)

Yesterday (11) we saw that WhatsApp could soon get direct integration with Instagram Reels. The innovation may not have satisfied many people, as the messenger also causes controversy with the new usage conditions.

However, the WhatsApp team knows that keeping users satisfied is essential. Therefore, the WABetaInfo team released this week, soon the app will end the headache of those who receive more than 1 minute of sound.

This is because the platform Allows you to speed up audio playback. The improvement is currently being tested in alpha version for Android and iOS and will be available in beta soon.

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It’s important to note that as much as Telegram has had this feature since 2018, WhatsApp has improved the experience of its users – even if it’s late.

With the new feature, for example, you’ll be able to speed up the two-minute message your boring uncle sends to you.

Until now WhatsApp still does not confirm its existence new functionality. Therefore, we emphasize that a bit of patience is required until the stable version of the application is released to the public.

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