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Worlds 2021: Titan Vents Personal Fatigue After A Hectic Year But Says “I’m So Proud of Everyone Here”


RED Canids Kalunga eliminated Worlds 2021 this Friday (8), after being defeated 3×2 by Peace from Oceania in the first round of the Ld5 series of the LoL World Entry Stage. As a result, the Swarm takes a rest while Peace returns home to take part in the Group Stage with Cloud9 this Saturday.

See stats from the series between RED Canids Kalunga and Peace.

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RED Canids shooter Titan caught up with Mais Esports after the game at Worlds 2021 where he talked about the Pack campaign, bootcamp, training and, according to him, expressed his pride for his team and his exhaustion after an emotionally intense year.

Talking about experience is hard for me now. I can’t speak for everyone, but as a person, I’m so tired of what happened during the breakup. The whole separation was very difficult, it was difficult for me to be here because I couldn’t spare time for myself, my family, and I wasn’t doing the things I needed. This separation, this journey was one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced in my life, there was a moment when I didn’t want to be here, to do this anymore. Of course, that thought no longer exists, but after all, that’s how I felt. I’m proud of everyone here, all the kids… Many of them got suspicious and went there and proved the opposite… Despite the fact that ‘my people’ were destroyed, the experience was sensational.’

Titan also said that he couldn’t keep the smile on his face even after the defeat. When asked why, the actor continues with the previous reasoning and, taking into account everything that has happened so far, continues by saying, “You finally have to smile because you’ve reached your main goal.”

Titan RED Md5 Worlds 2021
Despite his exhaustion, Titan reiterates the pride of the RED Canids Kalunga team after campaigning in Worlds (Photo: Riot Games)

But he points out that he wants to go further at the 2021 World Championship: “I wanted more. I am an ambitious man, and so is our team, and I knew how much they wanted it. A reason to be proud and smile because we did everything we did to play at the top level. I don’t regret anything and I believe they don’t either.”

We have already said that we had an incredible journey before we entered the fifth game. That we would keep the squad and that we could do it again, no one would want to be with other players if they weren’t from this team. It’s a matter of value, overcoming, people humiliating us… People didn’t believe us, and seeing all that we’ve been through, I feel a good feeling of overcoming, being dedicated, being strong and keeping my mind up, so I’m always smiling, I couldn’t be in a better group .

The series against Barış and the premiere of Avenger

As for the Peace vs. Md5 series, Titan says the problem RED faced and took a while to realize was that rival mid laner Tally was ahead of a Topo route player, which had a huge impact on champion pools.

“We were alarmed in many places, but it took us a long time to realize that their mids were top laners, and so they only played melee champions, so mid AP would have been good in this series, so we dropped in Game 4,” he explains. Despite being a versatile team, we struggled to adapt throughout the series.”

For Game 4 of the Best of Five, RED Canids Kaluga supported the entry of Avenger to replace Grevthar, which positively changed the team that won this game by hand. Titan talked about his decision to put on the old anthem to make his 2021 World Championship debut: “Invincible, you see things from the outside, and when you do, you get a more real sense of what’s going on.”

Invincible RED Worlds 2021jpg
Avenger has not played an official match since the end of the Regular Stage of CBLOL’s season 2 (Photo: Riot Games)

“He came with a broader vision of the game and showed us what we were doing wrong… He brought us in, he really wanted to play since the CBLOL final. Grevthar was not playing well, so much that he cried a lot at the end but I don’t blame him”, ending Shooter.

The Journey’s End But The Worlds Keep Going 2021

Despite the Brazilians being eliminated, Worlds 2021 continues this Saturday (8), with the second round of Md5 for the Group Stage. Hanwha Life and Beyond Gaming will face off at 8:00 GMT, while Cloud9 and Peace will face off at 13:00.

RED Canids Aegis - Worlds 2021
Aegis regrets being eliminated for Peace at Worlds 2021 (Photo: Riot Games)

You can check out the full coverage of Worlds here at Mais Esports.

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