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Which gender ideology? – 15/11/2018 – Contardo Calligaris


This is now known if I say that the HIV virus (which causes AIDS) can be transmitted in blood transfusion or sexual intercourse, especially in the anal way. In addition, in infectious people and patients with hemophilia, I can add that there is more frequent transmission in those who need transfused transfusions: this is also information.

But if I say that HIV is a divine plague that punishes itself spontaneously and especially homosexuals, it is not information that is (or will not) be themselves. This is just to verify that we speak the same language.

In this respect, there will be tir gender ideology konu, gender ideas or beliefs, different from the information we slowly accumulate. Examples.

Beginning in the 1970s, some militants who wanted to preserve the lives and rights of individuals trying to change their sexes confirmed that the sexes would be completely social structures: not just men and women, but a series of nuances of sex where each individual would freely locate.

This statement is partly ideological because it is not correct to say that each one has chosen, freely, because it chooses the clothes of the day. And it's partly true (not ideological) because there are not only two types, as I'll show later.

Now, the idea that the species could be chosen "freely" seemed to be too dangerous (I don't know why) to the advocates of the traditional family and order. And they accused the activists of implementing "gender ideology." Indeed, the belief that pro-tradition traditions, only two sexes, is also an ideology. In fact, it is the great ideology of the contemporary species dominated by botequins and churches.

Moral of History: In terms of gender, we have two opposing ideologies. One of them says that species are cultural structures that we need to be able to choose and freely choose. The other says that there are only two species, and the rest will not be nonsense and shame.

What do we really know about species and ideologies? We know that an individual's visible gender cannot correspond to the gender that the individual feels in this case, the individual may be transgender, ie, change his appearance and gender and fit the gender he feels. When this happens, there is a complex (and more unclear) factor in the game: genetic, hormonal and psychic.

But what is important to me today is that we know that the sex of an individual's visible gender cannot be understood by the sexes or chromosomes mentioned.

For example, a person may have XY (male) chromosomes, may be born with a vulva and a vagina, and you expect your ovaries to be present, the existing testicles. The fetus of this individual responded in an atypical way to only maleic androgens (perhaps 5-alfarreduktaz deficiency).

The list of genetic and hormonal states (neither male nor female) that produce intersex individuals is long. A reasonable estimate says that 1.7 percent of births are more or less intersex individuals.

The drug was tedious and harassing with these individuals. Classically, until ten years ago, as I had already mentioned, doctors decided to remove the testicles and "make" a girl.

Today, we prefer to allow each of them to grow and live while making a decision. In recent years, the operations and disabilities of intersex children are more rare, because in some countries, the individual who has been torn apart in childhood can become a courtesy and go to court and seek compensation from doctors and parents. One of them begins to think about the possibility of intersexes who officially declare their sexes.

In the meantime, gender ideology insists that God has created only women and men. The barons and shepherds who claim this claim have a very serious quality control problem if they produce God's reputation, clearly the factories of men, if only women and men.

Another question remains: why the existence of intersexes and transgenders that are rejected by the ideology of the singles and the priests?

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