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When asked about the dollar rise in Bolsonaro, do you want Roberto Campos? & # 39;

Asked about the historical dollar rate of R $ 4.20, Jair Bolsonaro proposed to announce the name of the head of the central bank to explain the rise of the US currency.

247 – Jair Bolsonaro refused to comment on the rise in the trade dollar, which did not have a market outlook for the government, which closed at $ 4.20 at its highest price on Monday and, in particular, after blocking foreign participation in the auction. transfer surplus is increasing.

"Do the dollar rise? Don't talk … Do you want Roberto Campos' phone?", Answered the reporters, mocking the question and ending the conversation in front of Alvorada Palace. In the reply, the Central Bank President Roberto Campos Neto. Bolsonaro then stopped to talk to the supporters.

Learn more about the dollar bid in the Reuters report:

The dollar surpassed $ 4.20 and gained historic value to close external and local issues.

Jose de Castro (Reuters) – The dollar was sold in a negative session for emerging currencies as doubts about the US-China trade situation were at a record close above 4.20.

The strength of the dollar in Brazil continued to be supported by the lack of anticipation of short-term capital inflows following the shortage of foreign participation in the auctions of surplus allocation at the beginning of November.

At the close of 5.00 on the spot market, the dollar rose 0.30% to 4.2061. As a result, 4,195, which was on sale on September 13, 2018, actually surpassed the previous record for closing.

At B3, where futures continued until 18:15, the most liquid dollar contract was concluded around 5.30 at 4.2110.

The highest currency in the futures market was 4.2130 reais. In the spot segment, the peak of the day is 4.2102 real sales.

Taking into account the nominal rates (not reduced for inflation) in the spot market, the dollar record is valid.

For trading (intraday) prices, the all-time high for the interbank dollar still reached around 4.25, 24 days after the level S&P rating agency was dropped. Brazil's dominant credit rating is to a speculative degree.

The high dollar in this session followed a month-long movement. In November, the currency rose 4.91% and fell in October (-3.52%) and continued to gain the highest monthly value since August (+ 8.51%).

The pre-salt auction on November 6 continues to be affected by frustration, social upheaval in Latin America, local and foreign political noise, and commercial uncertainties.

In this session, the highest level of the dollar emerged against the Mexican peso, South African rand, Philippine peso, Chilean peso, and Colombian peso – all emerge.

In one report, Credit Suisse highlights the impact of expectations on possible exchange rate central bank intervention. According to the Swiss bank, any expectations in BC's current performance may be disappointing, which may allow the dollar to breathe more.

In addition, Credit strategists speak of 20 proliferation engelli of disability option structures above 4.20 Reais, which may cause the dollar to accelerate if broken.

"The asymmetric nature of the direct risks, along with the frustration of the oil auction, is afraid to try to minimize the strength of the dollar from the current levels," the professionals said.

However, a dollar recorded in historical records is not seen as a more risky Brazilian sign by some people in the market. “It has been a long time since the exchange rate lost interest in downside country risk. The dollar reacts to many other issues, including external issues. Dolar

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