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Volkswagen announces Virtus and Polo GTS Concept on Auto Show – News


Volkswagen São Paulo, Polo GTS and Virtus announced on Tuesday (6) in the GTS Motor Show. And although there are still concepts, models will be produced – but the start date of sales and prices has not been announced.

WM1 had exclusive access to the Polo GTS before its world premiere. Publish the game in the video below and enjoy all the details of the model.


In this still conceptual configuration, the Virtus and Polo GTS are equipped with 1.4 TSI Flex engine (four cylinders), which, when supplied with ethanol, produces maximum power up to 150 hp and torque of 25.5 kgf.m. The gearbox is a six-speed automatic (torque converter) with manual change-over options with the fins on the rear of the steering wheel or the shift lever.

Although not fitted, this GTS must have the same mechanical device (motor + gear) and a 2.0 TSI 230 hp engine for the Golf GTI.

Even if cars are still concepts, performance – no information on acceleration, maximum speed, braking distance and fuel consumption between 0 and 100 km / h has been reported.


In addition to focusing on performance, Volkswagen worked hard on design. Let the pesky spoilers forgive us, but Virtus and Polo GTS look good for the clan who collected the Passat GTS Pointer and the Gol GTS in the 1980s and 1990s. & # 39; normal & # 39; Regarding versions, GTS has an attitude. much more frightening.

Bumpers with new wrinkles on the front near the fog lights add muscle to models. The upper and lower grids are textured in a hive and the red frieze, referring to the Golf GTI, travels from the pupil to the lighthouse and, by the way, the Polo GTI, which is marketed in Europe. And only the & # 39; GTS & # 39; logo grills the grid in the right corner.

Between the front doors and the fenders, the & # 39; GTS & # 39; With a special accent to the badge, the side is smooth. The 18-inch alloy wheels also seduced the chrome with piano black. Disc brake calipers on all four wheels are red.

Finally, on the back side, just behind the back cover, you'll see & # 39; GTS & # 39; logo. No more information! Exhaust outlet with double and chrome inserts and diffuser texture

in a hive like the front grill. A black piano spoiler on the glass completes the view.


It follows the sportiness infiltrated internally. Starting with the front seats, with the large, sturdy wings holding the legs, waist and backs of the passengers. With the backrest and the cover of the skin part piece, you'll find the & # 39; cast & # 39; Highlight for headrest. The ceiling, panel and floor are covered with black – just like seats.

The red is also found in the seams of the seats, in the multifunction steering wheel – the Golf GTI – and the silencer handle of the change – with stitches carrying three magic letters (GTS) on top. The tone is also on the air vents and on the sides of the shift lever base. Although the instrument panel can be configured as 100% digital and blue (video), it will be red according to the athlete.


According to Volkswagen, the Virtus and Polo GTS will be the top-most version of today's most expensive Highline environment. So, electric steering, digital air conditioning, traction and balance controls, multimedia center with color touch screen and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, rear camera, front parking sensor and others.


The differences between Polo GTS and Virtus GTS are minimal. Only aesthetics. In the case of the sedan, there is no dual exhaust outlet with a chrome exhaust outlet, and the rear spoiler is concealed on the tailgate.


The confirmation of Virtus and Polo GTS not only as means of production, but also as means of production, has the Volkswagen Gol GT Concept presented in the 2015 São Paulo Motor Show as its primary responsibility. The prototype was as successful as many people created. The expectations of the myth of the 1980s came back, but the model was disappointed because there was no more than a car.

Now, Volks rewards himself with pleasure, re-broadcasts the GTS clan in two models, confirming that both will be produced and marketed, suppressing the hunger of national sport fans.

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