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Vitoria defeated Atletico-PR and fought against falling


Vitoria lost to Atlético-PR on Saturday night 2 at the Barradão Stadium in Salvador in the 1st place and sticks in the match of the 35 & # 39; joined the struggle. The purpose of the hurricane was thrown by Bruno Guimarães and Ramon. He made a penalty kick at the end of Neilton Rubro-Negro. In the hostile area, the Bahian team left the fans with four draws and two defeats after completing six games without winning. Pará team wins his first victory as a visitor

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The negative result for Vitória, with only 36 points, is leading to the fall. Victory was very important for Atlético-PR. With 50 points, he came to quarrel for a place in the G6 – which is unclear in the next edition of Copa Libertadores – but it still depends on other results on the tour.

Vitoria plays the Cruzeiro at the Mineirão stadium in Belo Horizonte, while Atletico-PR takes Corinthians at the Baixada Arena on Wednesday, December 21, 20.45 (Bahia). Curitiba & # 39;.


Atlético-PR began much more electric to the game. Six minutes later, Pablo, who was in charge of the rehearsal foul, overthrew the ball and Raphael Veiga forced João Gabriel to defend. Although Vitória had difficulty in answering, he searched for open-field movements and discovered that the paranaense defense seemed absolute, mainly exploring the raised balls for the large area.

The printing of Atletico-PR ended at the back of the net. With a free kick, Pablo received a header and João Gabriel made a spectacular save. On recoil, the ball exploded on the beam and returned to the middle of the small area. The defensive midfielder Ramon was the scorer. The move was completely unfortunate for the Vitoria player who cried the mistake.

The second time has changed since posture. Vitoria returned to offer the match, at least asked for a draw at home, while Atlético-PR played in the remaining spaces to make a contract. The best opportunity of the Bahian team, Léo Ceará & # 39; s keeper Santos left the left-wing, the free kick, but this time was left, and as a result the final rose.

Atlético-PR's response was postponed, but it arrived in 36 minutes. Nikão has found space, gained space and emerged with freedom at the entrance to the large area. The striker opened the middle, smoothed the body and exploded on the beam, and went out and threw a nice kick.

But there was time to increase the score before the last whistle. After 40 minutes, Bruno Guimarães met the goal with Bahian, and the keeper made it a corner. Finally, at the age of 43, Jeferson, who had a yellow card, was sent a hard foul against Márcio Azevedo.

Even with less, Vitoria reached its goal in the 46th minute. Léo Ceará was cleared by Wellington. For a fee, it turned into Neilton.

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