Tuesday , May 17 2022

Tom Cruise, & # 39; Jack Reacher & # 39; Changed: & # 39; Physical did not exist & # 39;


After playing two movies from FranchiseJack Reacher& # 39; Tom Cruise will not repeat the character.

Reason? Producers have decided to re-launch in the form of a TV series and will be replaced by a young actor. Cruising.

The author of the books according to the ComicBook, Lee childrenconfirmed the release of the franchise star.

"The size of the Reacher is a very, very important and a great component of who he is. When the idea enters a room, Reacher, you just get a little nervous in the first minute. And Cruise didn't have that physical bed for all the abilities."

First & # 39;Jack Reacher& # 39; (2012) was $ 218 million worldwide, while 2016 was only $ 162 million.

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