Thursday , September 29 2022

Today was the first meeting of the technical groups, says Onyx Lorenzoni – Politics


The future government Jair Bolsonaro's change team was identified on Monday (November 5th), the first technical group to be responsible for structuring the start of the gestures of presidentialists. Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS), Deputy Prime Minister of the Civil House, who has been the chairman of the Civil House for the next year, has taken part in the Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil (CCBB). Make and make initial adjustments.

Onyx said, "This was the first meeting of technical groups, we had infrastructure, science and technology staff and we made the first arrangement and we formed the first technical groups." Said.

The first list includes ten technical groups: regional development; science, technology, innovation and communication; modernization of the state; economy and foreign trade; education, culture and sports; justice, security and corruption; defense; infrastructure; sustainable production, agriculture and the environment; health and social assistance. Other technical groups will be announced throughout the week, according to the transition ministry.

Onyx also said the transition team at the end of the week had an "extended" list of 22 members of the group delivered to Civil House President Eliseu Padilla last week, in relation to the first rolling mill. He said the new names will be announced throughout the week. Onyx reported that the team was already "five names more" to be added to the transition group, which would consist of people appointed or made available by other bodies. Shortly after the statement by Onyx, the Union's Official Journal, in an additional edition, brought the appointment of 27 candidates to the transition team of the new government.

"We are transforming between those mentioned by the transition group, and others will enter as yield, convenience, or volunteers." Said. I Those who are assigned are the career workers of various powers, the servers provided by the law, who come as technicians to help us, “he explained.

Onyx said the presidential candidate will arrive in Brasilia next Tuesday and Wednesday. Recently, Bolsonaro is expected to find Temer on Wednesday. In a press release after the meeting, members of the press said they would make a statement and answer questions.

"We have to work hard to lower our heads and spread our concepts in a short period of time.

The transition minister refused to announce new names for the composition of the Bolsonaro government ministries. "The name of the president," he said.

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