Friday , November 27 2020

The U-20 side of Brazil, which finally reached the goal, reached Colombia.

Czech was another preacher for the continental competition.

By State Agency

São Paulo, SP, 21 – Thanks to striker Matheus Cunha in the 44th minute of the second half, the U-20 side of Brazil was down 2-2 against Colombia on Tuesday night at Estádio Olímpico de Goiânia, On January 17 and February 10, 2019, a new preparation for the category's South American Championship will be challenged in Chile.

Last Thursday was the second tie between two teams in Independence, with 0-0 in Independência and another in the continental competition.

This time, with the support of 7,308 fans in the stadium of Goiás, Brazil, the match score was opened in the 31st minute of the first half. Lincoln took a cross, grabbed the brand, and gave a hat to Colombia's goalkeeper before completing the networks.

Nevertheless, in the first stage, Colombia equalized with a goal at 43 minutes. Angulo began at the speed, passed by three defenders from Brazil, the top goalkeeper Phelipe and 1 made 1.

In the final stage, Colombia, held in heavy rain, completed the game in 18 minutes. After taking the freedom from the right into the big field, Tolosa was over, and before entering the midfield, reversed the ball in midfielder Marcos Bahia.

After that, the team led by coach Carlos Amadeu continued to suffer in order to create good offense, but managed to find equality in the 44th minute. The next striker Vitinho moved to the right and crossed the 19-year-old RB Leipzig from Germany to Matheus Cunha.

The former Flamengo striker Vinicius Junior in Real Madrid once again protected the Brazilian national team against the Colombians, but cut it off. However, after the final whistle, he was celebrated by the fans who occupied the field, gave security to the field and took a selfie with the teenager.

Brazilian, Colombian, Venezuelan, Bolivian and Chilean South American Championships will be held in Group A. The competition brings four teams to the U-20 World Cup in Poland and three sets to the 2019 Pan-American Games in Peru, Lima. The Olympic Games in 2020 will not leave any space for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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