Friday , April 16 2021

The population will pay the STF restructuring account, says Bolsonaro

Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

BRASÍLIA, Brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – A day after President Michel Temer signed a bill to raise the Federal High Court (STF) ministers by 16.38 percent, Jair Bolsonaro said the bill would be paid by the Brazilian people.

"The bill will pay the whole world to the Brazilian population. My responsibility in this area is starting on January 1 of next year," he said.

The question about the results of the restructuring would have to be made to Temer, the CCBB said from the CCBB office (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil).

"Ask for Temer. O Temer, who decided to impose sanctions," he replied.

On Monday (August 26th), Emedebista approved the draft bill, which raised ministers' salaries from the current R $ 33.7 thousand to R $ 39.3 thousand.

The measure must create a cascade effect of R $ 4 billion per year, calculated by the Senate and House technicians.

The increase was approved on the 7th day in the Senate. The same day, hours before the vote, Bolsonaro said the timing was not suitable for reorganization.

The reorganization of the salary for the judiciary since 2015 won a meeting with the Temer government of STF President Dias Toffoli.

The STF ministers will receive $ 4,377 in exchange for an increase of 16.38%. offered to revise the housing allowance.

The benefit is paid to all judges and members of the Judge Prosecutor's Office and even to those who have their own homes in the city where they work.

In spite of the stock exchange, ministers do not include expenditures arising from the impact of cascade in other branches of state and state courts.

However, Toffoli said the end of housing assistance would help the government to compensate for the reorganization by increasing revenues. The reason for this is that the value added of the salary is taxable and there is no housing allowance.

NGO Estimated Open Accounts from September 2014 to December last year, 17,000 magistrates and 13,000 Public Prosecutors Service to the Federal Government and states that provide a cost of R $ 5 billion.

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