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The number of families affected by the crisis in Brazil reached 27 million.


Cláudio Tinoco

Cláudio Tinoco

Cláudio Tinoco, Secretary of Culture and Culture of the Municipality of Salvador, does not hesitate to state that the municipal administration is more efficient in the execution of projects than state administration. According to him, this led to the decision by Mayor ACM Neto (DEM) to begin the construction process of the Salvador Convention Center, which is currently under construction. . We see that a series of projects have been launched, but we are not seeing or executing, this was the Salvador-Itaparica bridge, so this was the situation of the Convention Center, and twice, I read the Secretary of Tourism. [José Alves] Tell him you're on the governor's table. It was like this in January and was now in October. So the secretary puts the responsibility on the governor's lap and we don't see an answer, we don't hear an answer, and that's it, sek he criticizes.

In this context, the province's project is expected to be completed in September 2019 and, according to Tinoco, there is already a calendar with about 30 events planned for the area.

The city, which is one of the axes for the promotion of the city, aims to focus on the Music Museum project. The plan is to implement a 10 million dollar investment in Casarão dos Azulejos until 2020. "We will only have enough resources to complete this restoration, but to build a museum that we want more than that, that is, an area of ​​four estates in the Cairu Square district." Sustainability, not only because the museum is expográfico, museográfico, but mainly on musical production.

As for the withdrawal of withdrawal from the elections to state lawmakers, Tinoco believes he has not fulfilled the requirements for nomination. Alderman received a license from the Municipality of Salvador (CMS) and spent the whole of 2017 at Bahia's capital.

. I think, in my position, that I had many friends last year, and although I worked at the state level for about 10 years, I didn't get support in the interiors um.

The Secretary did not leave the folder under the administration of ACM Neto, as expected, to run for House Presidency. In an interview with Bahia News, he explains his motivation to attend the town hall and details the other projects for Salvador's culture and tourism over the next two years.

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