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The commander of the Armed Forces said Lula could pull the loose document from the army.


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Polmika, the president's prison, was created when it was advocated through posts in social networks

General Eduardo Villas Bôas, Commander of the Armed Forces, was announced for the first time after warning of social networks on the eve of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). habeas corpus former President Lula. At that time, the army wrote the message "denial of impunity" and said the Brazilian Army "has taken care of corporate missions". Jornal Nacional 's (TV Globo) at the end of the message on April 3, four days after the release of the president of the president, such as the threat of military action on April 7 to be arrested.

Erse We now know that there is a section that we are really on the border, which was the tweet of the Lula's question, but we deliberately worked out that we were on the edge, but we felt we could run away from it. they were speaking more precisely. [postagem no Twitter às] 20:20, at the end of the National Newspaper, William Bonner read our grade, "recalls the military man in an interview with the journalist Igor Gielow Contact Us |.

Back then Focus Congress Internet users interacted with and even supported the army, but there was a strong reaction from other supporters and organized civil society groups. However, Villas Bôas minimizes criticism.

"Some people have accused me of intervening in an area that does not concern me … but here we are concerned about determination because the deteriorating situation then falls in Our lap. It is better to be safer than in the past," he said. .

Nevertheless, according to Villas Bôas, the selection of reserve captain Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) does not mean a threat to the military's withdrawal, which is a possible return to the country's order. Iz His appearance as a soldier comes from the outside, he is more a politician, we are very careful that the election will show that the election brings the army back to power olarak.


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