Saturday , July 31 2021

Srgio Moro – Politica "I don't see myself on a platform to vote as a candidate," he says.

Judge S
Judge Srgio Moro on Sunday evening in an interview with TV Globo in Fantstico 11 (photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

Asked to have the Jair Bolsonaro government credible enough to be the next Minister of Justice, Judge Srgio Moro said he would not risk facing "risking" his biography yesterday. According to Fantstico, the magistrate also denied the possibility of being presidential candidate in 2022.

"I'm doing a completely technical function, I don't see myself on a podium asking a candidate to vote. It's not my nature. If everything goes well, I'll leave the position of the ministry and I'll have to reinvent myself in the private sector." I'm not a lying politician. With all the respect to politicians. "

Moro said he invited Bolsonaro to an invitation. He said in the future the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, had opened an investigation a week before the second round, but preferred to wait for elections to close. L And everything was, in fact, decided on November 1st, “he added.

De The biggest motive for accepting this invitation was the opportunity to go to Brasia in a position with the highest authority of the Minister of Justice, and to implement this position with a no-judicial agenda and an organized antimasage agenda in a place that a judge cannot reach. Curitiba, but a minister in Brasilia can be reached, "he said.

After waiting for a political task after arresting former president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, a major rival of Bolsonaro in the selection competition, the future justice minister disagreed. He said he would go to Brasilia to "consolidate the progress of the operation of Lava-Jet" and that "nobody has this suspicion". "There is a dream that former President Lula will be excluded from the electoral process because of political persecution. But he was arrested because he committed a crime. I made this decision in the middle of 2017 and I didn't even know Jair Bolsonaro who was elected president."

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