Thursday , August 5 2021

Sonza spends two weeks without seeing her husband and supports the family

It was really Luísa Sonza's year. Singer comedian and youtuber married in February with Whindersson Nunes and was a new national pop event at the age of 20, pulling a hit after another.

And to close 2018 with a gold key, in the interior of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul province Tuparendi, still in the novel "The Other Party's Paradise" by Aguinaldo Silva, author of the novel "Nunca Fui Sorte". He sang.

"I've been singing since I was 7, and I've always struggled so much, and I've dreamed of it," he says, saying, today he's leaving between São Paulo and Rio. Because of many professional commitments.

A hard working life prevents Sonza and her husband from seeing each other often.

We've already gone and talked for two weeks and

"We've been away for two weeks and we talked about it for a while." (Laughs) But we always give each other power, we are all very close. "

The social networks event, which has almost 10 million followers, is the interpreter of the hit "Devagarinho".

"I'm not a person who does not buy a respite and expensive things. I invest in the money I earn my career and help my family from living in the city where I was born," says the father, the farmer and Mother, a Physical Education teacher.

Sonza, who married one of the most influential youtube in Brazil, also uses some of the money she earns to settle and settle.

”I'm a feminist and I don't think a woman should be tied to a man,“ he said. Id But women should cut their bills, cover their costs and support themselves.

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