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SBT air tag gets military dictatorship and accepts misunderstanding


The issuer said that the phrase 'watch out, express or leave Brazil' refers to the period and that the goal is to convey the message of unity.


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6 November 2018, 21h55 – Published November 6, 2018 at 9:50 am.

SBT A decal that is decided to remove from the air military dictatorship Brazil accepted this message. "Brazil, love or drop"There was a misunderstanding. On Tuesday, the station was heavily criticized in social networks for the expression of anti-government movements and suppression of ideas.

According to the press office of the Silvio Santos channel, the message was a "misunderstanding". "The station did not pay attention to the fact that this statement refers to the period of the military regime," he says. "The purpose of the vignettes was to give a message of unity and hope to the people of Brazil in this new age that will enter the new government." Consultation, about politics, SBT & # 39; s "neutral, always," says. It was in favor of the Brazilian and Brazilian people, so they decided to pass on these vignettes of positivism. "

Now in addition to vignettes from the air, others are still appearing like the song Pra Front, BrazilIs known as a theme song for the 1970 World Cup. The Independence March of Brazil "Brazil, dear country."

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