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São Paulo Motor Show with the start of a new Mitsubishi Motors rally car – Jornal Dia Dia Dia

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Tradition and pioneering. The 12 champions of the Dakar Rally and 11 of Sertýes Rally are no brands. Mitsubishi Motors presents its new car for rally events in Salão das L200 Triton Sport R.

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The model was created for the category of production vehicles (T2 FIA) which can be manufactured and which are extremely rigid in modifications that protect the general characteristics of the factory vehicle. “It's an original car with security features that almost require evidence, özellikler says Fernando Julianelli, marketing director of Mitsubishi Motors.

Engine 2.4L Diesel, 16 valves / DOHC MIVEC, Common-Rail direct electronic injection, maximum power between 225 hp and 3.750 RPM and torque between 51.2 KGF.M and 2350 RPM.

In addition to the engine, the transmission, chassis and body are original. The model received the protection cage, shell banks, five-point belts, fire extinguishing system, and redistributed weights, thus becoming more prepared against roads and roads.

For even greater convenience, the L200 Triton Sport R has kept the air conditioner without compromising performance. A Pro Set data collection panel was also installed to collect all the information about the vehicle's performance. And, to ensure that the car is more efficient in the tests, two roll dampers on each wheel and the front helical spring races on the front and semielíptica races on the rear were held.

Based on the model sold in the dealership, this car was developed in Brazil, along with the Spinguen Races, led by Guilherme Spinelli, the leading winner of the Hard Rally.

Construction and development process
Like a new design, the car was built last year and entered the test track in early 2018.

Çok We were impressed with the performance of the vehicle in the endurance tests, Guil says Guilherme Spinelli. . The two full-seasons of the Mitsubishi Cup have exceeded 2000 kilometers, and we don't need to make any spare parts other than natural wear, such as brakes and filters. The L200 Triton Sport R proves to be one of the most reliable cars we've ever developed, & he explains.

Mitsubishi is the only automobile manufacturer in Brazil with a production line for competitive vehicles. The new L200 Triton Sport R will be manufactured at the Mitsubishi Motors plant in Kataão (GO) and will also guarantee the quality of products purchased from dealers. There are more than 600 competition vehicles produced and delivered in different parts of the world, not only in Brazil.

Those interested in the new L200 Triton Sport R can contact Spinelli Racing – [email protected]

Sao Paulo International Auto Show
Date: 08-18 November 2018
Hours: 13:00 – 22:00 – 11:00 – 18:00 (last Sunday 18/11)
Location: São Paulo Expo (Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1.5)

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