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Sales of Cavani sold largely Naples


Today he must defeat the Uruguayan old club in the PSG and continue dreaming up in the Champions League

Title: Gabriel Pazini

On the one hand, thanksgiving, love and good memories of the past. On the other hand, the present dream and oppression.

Today the Ex-Naples, Edinson Cavani on the PSG is one of the biggest, most striking and most important duels of the fourth round of the Champions League group on Tuesday, 6th. To build a better future, with less pressure and to keep the European dream alive, the Uruguayan wants to help his past overcome his past.

After all, Paris Saint Germain needs a win so that it doesn't get any more complicated and European competition doesn't imagine a place in the knockout stages. Uruguayan striker team ranks third in C group with only four points. Liverpool is with six, while Naples is second with five.

The PSG needs to win. If it suffers and loses in particular, it will be desperate to qualify for the last 16 of the European competitions and will further increase the pressure for success in the Champions League.

Because the last seasons investment was not low. Or Only ya Neymar and Mbappé cost € 402 million to the PSG crates, the two most expensive players in football history. Such an investment is not required to dominate French football and to continue early in the Champions League. As a result, the money truck was used to realize a European dream.

Edinson Cavani PSG Amiens Ligue 1 20102018

One of the guns of the club is Cavani, one of the club's high investments in recent years, which continues to imagine the Parisians defeating Naples and finally being so beautiful in the European tournament. Uruguayan may not have the best moment of this season, can perform less than expected and score as many times as usual, but it is still one of the best names in the squad and team.

With many goals and spectacular performances, the strike is vital in the recent seasons of the PSG's various local achievements and is already strengthened as one of the big names in club history. And with curiosity in Paris, the Cavani was also vital on Tuesday in the difficult French rival of Naples.

Cavani won a Coppa Italia and scored 78 goals for Partenopei in three seasons and became the team's top scorer. Serie A & # 39; s goal with 29 goals in the end. However, the importance of Naples was not "just" in four lines. After leaving Italy for the PSG, the Uruguudians were also influential in leading the club.

Edinson Cavani - Naples

Because Naples made full use of the 64.5 million euros from the French club by selling Cavani in July 2013. The traditional Italian club was very good and healed while counting on the Uruguayan player. Partenopei 's sales among themselves among themselves.

In the same window, where he sold the attacker, he reveals that Napoli has been very strong using the money he received from the PSG. The Italian club Mertens (€ 9,5 million), Callejón (€ 9,5 million), Higuain (€ 37 million), Reina & # 39; 39 (free) and rented Jorginho. € 5.5 million. They were all essential for Partenopei in later years.

Of course, Maurizio Sarri made a big impact, especially in getting the best of each of the seasons of Jorginho and Mertens, but he gave many good and important reinforcements to Napoli in 2013 and gave him the opportunity to take a big step. to sign

Higuain napoli 13052016(Photos: Getty Images)

After all, after many reinforcements, which have been agreed with "the money of the Cavani", Reina became the goalkeeper of the club until this season, and when she went to Milan Ospina took her place; Jorginho, an absolute starter and key player in the midfield, broke the brands, showed handsome football, and today held 60 euros in the Italian national team and star Chelsea; Higuaín was the top scorer of the team in Napoli in all seasons, breaking the Serie A goal record in 2015/16 (36) and then meeting Juventus for € 90 million; In the two seasons after the Argentinian debut, Mertens became the team's top scorer, always playing a great football and playing an important role in the cast; Callejón is already one of the main names in Partenopei since its arrival.

In addition to the enormous value of the huge and important players allowed to be hired, the enormous financial return from the sales of Jorginho and Higuaín, already sold in huge amounts, allowed the sale of Cavani in Naples. the perfect player who has maintained his base in recent years and established himself among the adults.

Edinson Cavani - Naples Paolo Cannavaro, Edinson Cavani, Lorenzo Insigne - Naples-Siena(Photos: Getty Images – AFP)

Except for the Italian side of 2015/16, the Champions League has been involved in all seasons since the Uruguayan campaign, and the main competitor of the powerful Juventus in the championship, Serie A, has made big campaigns. 3, 5, 2, 3 and 2 since the sale of the former senior referee.

On Tuesday, however, Cavani has a mission to stop the big team that helped build and set up in recent seasons with negotiations. She wants to help her win the past of the Uruguayan PSG in order to think about the future and to keep the current club dream of Europe alive.

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