Monday , October 25 2021

Richarlison said he overcame distrust and celebrated Ronaldo – Sports's praise


Hunter Richarlison is one of the most important goals of Brazil in this early season of European football. On the Everton T-shirt, the 21-year-old has seen the national team's first chance and seems to have won the trust of Tite. A new reality for those who left Brazil early after fluminense.

Için When I came to Everton, many people didn't believe it, they criticized for finding an expensive job, they talked a lot of nonsense, but it never came to my head, I just thought about playing the game, so I prove to everyone that I'm coming to Everton and I and the team. I'm doing the best. en

Richarlison, who opposes this good stage, is one of Tite's bets on friendly Friday duel against Uruguay. After more shy of choice, he is released and good humor is shown in other opportunities. "I used to play in the locker room and try to get it on the field."

The player now hopes that his versatility in the attack will give him more opportunities to choose from in the field where he struggles with names such as Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino. "I just don't do it centrally or around the edges. Where I need the teacher to help me with the choice."

Another source of pride for Richarlison has recently praised Ronaldo, who praised the quality of the Everton striker. The player didn't hide that he had "Phenomenon" as an idol and that he was inspired by his former striker of choice.

"When I first saw Ronaldo, I started to shake, I don't know what he was giving, it was an honor for me to receive praise from him, I can't let him go, I have to keep my feet on the ground. said.

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