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Remind all medals in Corinthians Arena; Timo invincible


The Corinthians from Jair Ventura, who fought to get away from the release zone, were raided by Majestoso in Italibra on Saturday at 17:00. However, even in bad moments, the competition in the Arena brings countless beautiful memories to alvinegro fans.

After all, the stadium had eight classics and Timão remained unbeaten. Six wins and two draws against São Paulo, 19 goals scored and only seven were accepted.

Among the victories, some have recently entered the gallery of big club games. Of course, the most remembered were between Brazil and Brasileirão 6-1 of 2015. But in the same year there was a gala night in the clash that was valid by the Corinthians' Liberators.

It is worth mentioning the duels of this year's Paulista semi-finals, bringing the memories to a new game. The protagonist of the night, Rodriguinho, was on the extras leading to the penalty shootout, and Cássio's return to glow.

Remind me of all the medals in the Corinthians Arena

Corinthians 3 x 2 São Paulo – Brasileirão 2014

The first Majesty of the Arena was very excited. Even with a penalty goal from Fábio Santos, the Corinthians were sent to the locker room from 2 to 1 to lose. But there was nothing to put his head down. In the final stage, Guerrero, who was next to each other, turned the match by guaranteeing the victory of the beautiful land, alvinegra, Corinthian. Party at Itaquera!

Corinthians 2 x 0 Sao Paulo – Libertadores 2015

Corinthians, who were sharper in early 2015, played for music at the Arena in the second Majestic. In the period of Tite, Timon was completely dominant and defeated his opponents from 2 to 0. Goals were scored by Jadson and Elias – this is a game remembered today by Fiel. The game ended with "olé" in the arena!

Corinthians 6 x 1 São Paulo – Brasileirão 2015

When the subject is Majestic, there is no one in 2015 to let Brasileirão pass by 6 to. Already in the name of the guaranteed tournament, Tite sent the reservation to the field. And the backups, they were able to handle the message skillfully. The most important feature of the match was Romero with two goals. Other goals were Lucca, Edu Dracena, Bruno Henrique and Cristian. It's hard to choose one, then, you see it all …

Corinthians 2 x 0 Sao Paulo – Paulistão 2016

The victory series against São Paulo in the Arena did not stop for 2015. In the following season, Timão returned to defeating his rival in Itaquera. This time, the match was approved by Paulista in 2016 and counted on the goals of Yago and Lucca, who took advantage of Lucago's mistake.

Corinthians 1 x 1 Sao Paulo – Paulistão 2016

In the second meeting of Itaquera in 2016, Sao Paulo seemed close to receiving Timão's invincibility in the Arena, but it almost happened. After dropping behind the scoreboard, Corinthians linked with Brunho Henrique. Corinthian was the first magnitude of the house of people without victory.

Corinthians 1 x 1 Sao Paulo – Paulistão 2017

After defeating Sao Paulo 2-0 in the Morumbi, Corinthians was a 1-1 draw at the Arena in the final of Paulista 2017. The aim of the game was scored in 2017 by Jão, the "classic man" of Timão. Alvinegra team, it is worth remembering, the decision after defeating Ponte Preta, the state tournament has been upgraded.

Corinthians 3 x 2 São Paulo – Brasileirão 2017

After three years in the first class in the Corinthians Arena, Majestoso repeated the score of the first match: victory alvinegro between 3 and 2. The goals of the exciting victory of the Carille commanders were determined by Gabriel, Jadson and Romero. The result was part of the Corinthian team's Brazilian championship.

Corinthians 1 x 0 São Paulo – Paulistão 2018

Creepy! Corinthians and São Paulo's most recent clash in the Arena caused a persecution in the most impatient alvinegro. After a 1-0 defeat in the first semi-finals, Timão had to repeat the score to continue the penalties. Said and done. In the final act, Rodriguinho scored and became the hero of Cássio. Palmeiras & Corinthians!

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