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Ra Aguirre will be analyzed to work in the season, “says Raí

football director Raí harsh criticism County Dublin hotels After 1-1 draw Corinthians in Itaquera Arena. As a result, Morumbi G-4 eliminates the risk of leaving the end of round 33. LibertadoresForcing São Paulo into the front tournament.

"We have to admit that the team is too weak. We have to see what we're going to do and develop quickly. We have five important games to finish the championship well. Based on São Paulo," Raí said. So we should reverse this situation as much as possible, especially in attitude and acting. Bu

Coach Diego Aguirre from São Paulo

Coach Diego Aguirre from São Paulo

Photo: MAURO HORITA / Estadão Contents

Due to poor football and the performance of the team in the second round of the Brazilian Championship, the trainer's work Diego Aguirre also began to be challenged, and the persistence of the following year was not consensus.. Raí said the coach's business would be analyzed not only for final results, but throughout the season.

"We will not consider Aguirre for a game or just some games, it will be the entire season, because it comes to the end of the season, we'll do it calmly and talk about coaching, or some games that go wrong or we can talk to the technical committee and for a single term. something we can't evaluate, "he said.

The director still criticized the president of Corinthians. According to Andrés Sanchez, São Paulo football coordinator Ricardo Rocha will remain in the referee's locker room for 10 minutes before the match. The Corinthians criticized the performance of Rodolpho Marques with an unsigned penalty and an uncorrected goal.

"This one Andrés media spokesman, Ricardo Rocha, salutes not only the referee but his opponents in every game, even before the game, 20 minutes before the game, he himself played against Flamengo on his own team. Dorival (Junior, Technician) This is just sincerity."

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