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Pharmacy Council gives warning about summer time and medicines – Jornal da Manhã


Pharmacy Council gives warning about daylight saving time and medicines

Patients may be advised to take the drug for the next dose as long as they are prescribed by the doctor.

05.01.2018 – 20:39:44. Last updated: 05.11.2018 – 20:43:43.

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Patients who wish to take a dose cannot double the next dose.

The progression of clocks within an hour with DST confuses those who use chronic drugs or have long-term drug treatment. It seems complicated, but it is important to keep a regular interval between one dose and the other. Receiving the drug can be taken within a day to keep up with daylight saving time, provided that the next dose is within the specified range.

Alisson Brandão, deputy chairman of Minas Gerais' s Pharmacy Council (CRF-MG), says the prescribed intervals must be taken into account to achieve treatment. "To achieve the desired effects, the drug should be digested, the active principle must be delivered to the bloodstream and then act on the body." Intervals between one dose and the other are required to maintain this cycle. However, if the patient misses a dose, he must never dictate the next dose.

One thing to keep in mind is that different drugs interact with each other and affect the desired effect. Iyor In such cases, it is important that the pharmacist informs about the time to take the medication and the possible drug interactions, “he adds.


Caution should be doubled during treatment with antibiotic drugs. This is due to the fact that microorganisms can improve drug resistance if the patient does not follow the prescribed treatment. . You should be sure that the drug is in the blood stream, because the infection is healing and ineffective. Taking medication at the right time is the key to therapeutic success.

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