Monday , September 26 2022

Petrobras in Monteiro: Bolsonaro: The Ipiranga Post – We Should Speak – Economy


President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), who was elected president, said on Wednesday afternoon that his government is still not a name for President Petrobras and Paulo Guedes, the future Minister of Economy, said. selection.

When asked by journalists if Ivan Monteiro is currently in the position of the state, Bolsonaro said, "No, nothing is planned, no. But we need to talk to Ipiranga Post, who will deal with it." Bolsonaro made a statement on a trial at the Court of Justice (STJ).

Real-time news broadcasting by the State Group, according to Broadcast, stated that Ivan Monteiro's presidency was headed by Petrobras. Open the megaleil path of more than 100 billion dollars.

The challenging debt auction is at the center of Paulo Guedes' team strategy to reduce the deficit of public accounts in 2019. However, the signing of the agreement is still subject to a bill and congressional approval of the negotiations in the US Court of Auditors. TCU) For the registration form of the expenses with the Petrobras payment.

Last week, Ivan Monteiro met with Paulo Guedes in Rio de Janeiro for three hours. The meeting was outside Petrobras, and an official meeting is expected soon.

Monteiro, the chief financial officer of Petrobras and later responsible for the company's Pedro Parente, played an important role in the negotiations for the review deal with the federal government, noting that it is the Treasury of the state's debtor.

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